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Do to kind of help to be engaged in your mission. Just go start. Googling permaculture just like inspired a holistic design go find a place locally that is practising these these land management techniques. Because you will see a future that you to live in that is awesome and verden and mike abundant whatever. Faith you are. In the connections you have encouraged the fiduciary support. That is really the missing piece for for the organizations and terrible at fundraising but the whole space needs help. It needs money. All of the faith favors every faith for earth organization desperately their way for listeners to get involved directly with the actual bat making and help propelling the project forward. Gosh if you've got one point three billion catholics collecting data on species. We'd have like the greatest global species inventory in like a month. It'd be so cool you know. I'm really hopeful. Actually about all of this right now. I know our partners at the scene. Kadoorie conservation center have affect where you can log different species. I think there's a lot of apps out there too like like the audubon society and their day. You know bird count and it's it's awesome. I'm hopeful about the future. You know we're all just hacking at it. And i see it happening in. It's it's coming out ambitious. Not just catholics. All face the people. I've met in favor of space. We're all carrying the same thing. Molly thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you molly. Burns is the founder and executive director of good lands to learn more about her. Work mapping the lands of the catholic church and to find links to suggestions about ways you can get involved with ecological design and mapping check out the links in our show notes. Solvable is produced by jocelyn. Frank research by david job booking by lisa done are managing producer is sasha matthias and the executive producer of pushkin. Podcasts is meal. i'm ronald young. June thanks for listening management concepts powers. Federal leaders every career level. They're six leadership programs. Include courses aligned to opium cues and fundamental competencies taught by experts with federal experience management concepts programs combined live instructions with experiential learning personal assessment coaching online collaboration to deliver the real world skills. You need over. Ten thousand government workers a year twos management concepts for their leadership. Development needs learn why at management concepts dot com classes forming now. Mattress warehouse knows that buying a mattress can be tough with so many choices. Where do you start introducing bed match a patented diagnostic system. That determines your pressure points and recommends the mattresses that are best for your individual sleep needs and it's found only at mattress warehouse. Come try bed match at a mattress warehouse near you. Visit sleep happens dot com for locations and get free next day delivery on select purchases peppers dot com..

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