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Put on Twitter a little bit ago the view from my hotel room here in New Orleans this is about ten minutes ago it's it's not it's paid now is it was you have to go find the shot yeah I have to email it to you old school where maybe I'll just print it off and mail it to you because that's kind of still how you operate you'll get three or four days but I'll send it to you it's awesome FedEx it up thanks guys moving the fed ex yeah I got fed ex I'll have a carrier pigeon bring it your way to drop it off at your massive the state minimum I thought back into the two games today this is great right but this is okay so you know we talk all the time of the courses he's and you know I don't get a chance to watch a ton of NFL over the course of the regular season because I work all day Saturday I go home three kids wife stuff going on so there's not a chance to just sit and watch it now you take that as I hate the NFL which is not the case I just don't get a chance to watch the NFL I do like college better but that's what it is I mean I don't you can love one thing and you don't have to hate all other things but you know what I want you know one thing that the rupture but to interrupt you how how college people always have to make the point about the NFL does take shots at the NFL that wasn't I don't ever hear anybody with the NFL say I don't really like college football as much the NFL which always your college football take that thought a shot at the wild colourful so much batter you you never know I. F. L. peoples are you kidding me no my gosh well that's about it maybe you might that everybody I work with in Connecticut everybody that's a native of New England everybody that's a native of the northeast they go out to tell you that like knowledge will pull this out is pro football pro football just to apple with the U. S. is not just a good time all right let's never heard I've heard that jets patriots owner okay I got a bigger interest in Major League Baseball there than they do walk us college football people tend to say it when the air more I guess okay copper says what I just it happens all the time of the year I'm sitting here telling you something this is the every year when I'm covering the national championship game in college football it's the only time I could literally sit and watch NFL you like I will sit and watch the vast majority these two football games today and I can't wait to do it because I think both could be right with UPS both as it's time for straight talk brought you by straight talk wireless Minnesota San Francisco could happen I mean is there not some level do you have any and I know that you're doing Kerr because if you have any level of doubt Jimmy Garoppolo in his first career playoff start or is it such that it doesn't matter if we get a great drop below because San Francisco defensively is good enough to get to because it's disrupt cousins you have enough doubts about Dalvin cook at their ability to run the football that it doesn't matter what the Rapallo does which one is more accurate I think it's more the Vikings I I the more the because they're not your bed healthy feeling with the stitches the eggs not as much as he's healthy now coming back from the flu I can hit the other practice missing that not a big deal rest get healthy he did but haven't the heart having the guard person having Alexander baby be there at least that his presence will be there this summer energy stamp what they really like what he brings and Ford with a hamstring we'll see what the Ford able to do I think you look at San Francisco you think about them being healthy you can Dalvin cook beat I keep bringing up the album called more than because of the story is in order for cousins have a chance to win this game Dalvin cooks got to be huge and I think that's the way run it pass rushers and then slow them down if they have to respect cook and they after all the sun come up then you got more plays in the passing game I got the thing you said Tennessee was talking very cerrado yesterday they said Hey that'll be a big opening its raven corners if they're not and the windows are tight and you get some deflected balls interceptions Tannehill's going to struggle and as you mentioned there can repair cannery it's a cerrado said majority of his shorts come in the second half like seventy seventy five percent of those yards in the second half if they're down fourteen seventeen point their cameras are going to be a factor in the second half so the key if going into halftime if the ravens have eight to ten point or more lead or thirteen or more point lead then the raven should roll if this is a close hotly contested game were and remain remains a factor then though the ravens could be a little bit trouble let's get to that game in a second I do want to throw a couple of things about the bike and L. actually today what do you have your two six one match ups which you don't always get you know the last time a sixty got a question today don't I got I am asking you questions well I'm trying to build a little context little perspective here K. fun because you got to I think you have to opportunities for to happen like it wouldn't shock me if Minnesota or Tennessee one the last time a sixty to one of the playoff two thousand head and two sixes did it that year the Packers did it the jets that more history for trivia question you always like to ask because these you're ready nineteen eighty seven was the last time the Vikings won multiple playoff games in a single postseason who was the starting quarterback the mobile nineteen eighty seven male Josh Wade Wilson yes correct well done all right now in terms of the let's go to Tennessee I don't you you're like forget history I want to talk about well I would say this week about pressure pressure dari is the one who if I said a hot list of the teams that we had the most pressure in these games and I'll throw the college I think ello el issues got enormous or hot list where were you yesterday when Mike an hour trying to figure out the hot list where were you know where to be found exactly okay exactly but I think the ravens of use a state of the art of that definitely I'll issue because it's just a little the end of your the ravens strictly NFL had the most pressure on them because when you went fourteen games when you went fourteen straight games and you Abelard Jackson being unstoppable nobody's had an answer for Lamar Jackson in this offense once I got on this role nobody now mark any room as the calf injury aggravated in practice last Saturday how effective is the discuss Edwards justice hill if not the same offense okay the ravens right now everybody in Baltimore now I'm here right that and I have a daughter Lauren whose big in the race they're thinking about my and they're ready to go to Miami their South Beach that's gonna Superbowl and again well this is John Harbaugh because they better not be ready to go to my mom taught by fans lance separate until about the expectation the fan this is Super Bowl or bust anything less than a Superbowl win and I'm just gonna getting there forget that just get there is one win it you got a win to finish this off because their fans here they are on cloud nine they are just they can this raven team cannot be beat so this is where all the pressure is all on the Baltimore Ravens more so than anybody in this whole playoff environment it's on the Baltimore Ravens disagree okay they're gonna give me your answer Kansas City Chiefs why after having the one seat last year yeah failing to advance losing at home to the patriots last year here they are again not a worn but they are experienced two in a game they should certainly when do you think they're going to win by thirty plus I don't think it's what I would say thirty play all right whatever you call around three touch three touchdowns right I would call that around in this day and age in the playoffs three touchdown what is around thirty about forty five twenty one forty five seventeen that's that's a **** Kickin right there brother that's a wrap but I think they've got the most pressure maybe not this weekend I don't think they're going to be in danger this weekend I'm with you but I think Kansas city in the next week they would go to Baltimore in all likelihood or host Tennessee but I think there's pressure there it's pressure because of what happened last year it's pressure because it's Andy Reid who still has more wins than a head coach in the history of the lake without a Superbowl championship I feel there is significant pressure on Kansas city and even if they wanted to go to Baltimore they're going to be people that say they should win their does what they should what is not as good at it no not as much I'm with you there but they should win there because this is Baltimore's first real run at it with this group Lamar still young again the chief defense which is played much better of late they've given up about eleven points a game over the last I think too much the chief defense can they get to Lamar maybe they can't I don't know yeah that's a big game if that happens and then I think that's the big time look ahead bye expects Casey at Baltimore next week that's a game of the ages I think with homes in the March Jackson and what we have going there and as you mentioned two teams are really it is a chance for Andy Reid to get back to a Superbowl have a chance maybe to win it for Baltimore finish it off but I do think if you lose to cancer to use the Kansas city loses the Houston who's a fall team I don't think she'd be in this game but they are to get credit for finish off that came in when I get that will benefit from some officiating there but if you lose this game this will be one that you talk about in NFL history in NFL history if Kansas city loss to Houston in this game tomorrow I'll be one the worst losses ever I agree and and any of the I don't know any read would survive to be honest as crazy as that sounds like at some point the that can't happen let's just say that can't happen I don't think we think it's going to happen that can wipe it down the way it is one of the all time worst losses on NFL team it would be a persisting would be that king you think that comes out every well he's nothing I have the at the end is in a spot that I just I don't think I don't happen if it did though dari can't it yeah this is your but the jets in the end the colts back in the Superbowl and all the different shocking upsets we've had Jacksonville Denver all the different ones we've had in playoff you have to go back up maybe a hot list with them shocking games we've ever seen in the playoffs this would there near the top it would be all right we'll get into this too most pressure this weekend I want to know what Jeremy Valerie NFL insider things we're gonna ask him I think it's a great place to start with him he joins us next don't forget it's all straight talk breath you by straight talk wireless everything from S. only at Walmart ESPN radio ESPN.

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