Exit Polls, President Trump, Alabama discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir


Luminary exit polls tonight for some voters president trump's opinion on this did make a difference that's right david the president looms large in alabama this was one of his biggest victories last november and according to our exit polls nearly thirty percent of voters had one of the reasons they came out to vote today was to support president trump that's great news for war and more and today i ask ro i'm more what he thought of the president of what his message was to president trump for standing by his side he told me thank you david thomas will be seen you as the evening wears on here next tonight president trump in a war of words tonight with democratic senator cures to gyla brand after she said the president should resign after accusations of sexual misconduct against him the president tweeting today that jila brand is a quote lightweight who would quote do anything for a campaign contribution the senator calling at a sexist smear attempting to silence her voice and tonight the president was asked in front of the cameras what did he mean by those words abc senior white house correspondent cecilia vega a firestorm of controversy today ignited by president trump in just two hundred and eighty characters his counterpunch to new york senator kirsten jila brands call for his resignation in the face of sexual misconduct allegations came in the form of what many call a sexually suggestive tweet the president saying lightweight senator kirsten jila brand a total flunkies for chuck schumer and someone who had come to my office begging for campaign contributions not so long ago and would do anything for them is now in the ring fighting against trump the reaction immediate it was a sexist smear attempting to silence my voice and i will not be silent on this issue senator elizabeth warren tweeting are you really trying to bully intimidate and slut shame senator jila brand today the president refuse to clarify.

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