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That means when the market goes down market goes up and down all around by the way and We don't look at political events and we don't we don't try to trade on that. You become a day trader. You end up losing money. That's hotel bars done studies del bars in the agency and that right outside of Boston, Mass. And they study investor behavior and fear and greed of the two biggest emotions to get everyone in trouble. There's something called foam. Oh, that I've heard my daughter say, fear of missing out? Sure. So you see a start going up like crazy. Well, you don't wanna be right behind you Jump in and the day you jump in Everyone who's already in decides to sell on Then what happens it goes down and so we can't invest like that. But they're all bar said that the average investor that does start to try to day trade or trade on news. That kind of thing ends up making about two times less. Then someone an index fund. Wow. So if an index fund is performing like 8%, you finally make about 4%. Now, these are just numbers and some people do great When you go to Vegas is always somebody winning. And there are a whole bunch of people that are people, right. Well, you hear about like the joke here, My family was my brother. Bob used to go to Vegas three times a year. And once every four years you call and tell me how good he's doing. Eggs. Simple. Man says he wasn't doing that good. If he was he'd have a private jet. By now. Many times he's gone. There has done real good, but we don't hear about the bad, Sure, just like market You always hear about the good pics, but you never hear about the bad picks are a lot of bad picks out there so big assure you have that proper diversification and you're in the right place. That's what we do in our three meeting process with you, and that's what the Golden ticket entitles you to is $1000 value. But if you call right now we'll open the phone lines right now You'll get this little green Book of life. But you get that golden ticket which is more valuable anything right now in these days, Absolutely that number to call 806 617383 800. 6617383 or you can text the word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000. I love this conversation. Because it is true. You do so much behind the scenes when you're helping folks prepare for retirement. You got that fear report. Attacks. Analysis. The Social Security review the inflation plan, the long term care of you, I could keep going on and on. At the end of the day, though, the total income plan eyes a big focus of this is well, Thomas has been paying attention. Yes, he has. Well, the most important parts, I think, are the income bridge. All right. What's what's in income Bridget's going from when you're getting income from your employer toe. When you get in income from yourself. You have to bridge the income because what you're used to making a salary when you retire. Basically this hour's gonna eventually stop. Isn't it? Sure. And so when it stops, something else has to start back up. It's like a relay race. All right, so the guy ran real good around the track in the hands of baton off and the other guys not ready yet. He's smoking a cigarette. Not good, everyone That wouldn't be the guy in the relay race anyway. It's like the horse race with a big fat jockey of me. Which witch doctor, you're gonna bet on the skinny one or the fat one. I'm going little going little well, and it's kind of sad to say that a lot of people are trying to hand that baton off to Social Security. Who's probably more like the guy smoking. You should a twist. You know, he's gonna walk around the track. Or you need somebody running around the track every single year. The rest your life, and you don't need somebody falling down right when you need him, the most sure, And I think a lot of people out there coach are thinking, okay, I've got Social security. That's my net. That's not always the case. No, you're right. And so longevity risk we talk about to Social Security will pay some bills. But the longer we live, the more the bills are gonna be. Just because things get more expensive, and we get less healthy. Yeah, it's a fact of life, isn't it? And so we just need to make sure that if you are in the process or you or you or you are saying yourself right now you're seeing yourself. It's time for me to protect my retirement. Make sure my family safe then this is definitely the time to call and make sure you have the right plan put together and so We also I've got another desk here. Chuck Kate. Neither chuck it in the Hall of Fame broadcaster for the Carolina Hurricanes free, I think, 39 years. Thank you very much Coach and him and I did a show years ago with a couple years ago called this happy Show. And on that we interviewed Ron Francis, who played for the Carolina Hurricanes. Bob your famous Boston Bruins with player who's also a financial advisor. Now remember Bobby Orr Hall of Famers, the Flying goal like he got tripped and he was shooting. I think it's against ST Louis in the puck went in, so I don't know, but it's a flying gold. Back in the day. Gary Bettman, the commissioner, that NHL Rocky Bleier, one of my best all time buddies, he was a fullback. The Pittsburgh Steelers when they won those four Super Bowls, and he's not that big by the way to be a fullback Well, and he's a veteran. I mean, e. I mean so so many great stories about rock well, basically went to volunteer to go serve in Vietnam got half his toe blown off, then came back and played for Pittsburgh and won the four Super Bowls. Really story success story right there. Incredible Eddie Money one of my all time favorite. We've talked about that before the great rock and roll legend he passed away, Unfortunately, but Not before I interviewed him really good interview Chris Berman from ESPN. Good names. We call her very cold from the Carolina Hurricanes, so we'll also give you this disk. It's really good, really good Interviews on here and live Happy show was a fun show. We'll probably bring that back eventually. Hi, great. Let's do this. Let's give this little green Book of life out. Let's give this golden ticket out. Let's give the live happy show disc out, and I've got another DVD called the Five Keys to successful retirement. It's a DVD that Thomas and I put together and not too long ago. Well, make sure you get it in everyone's hands. Thomas the next 20 people call We'll get this goody bag at no cost or obligation, the most important part to me. I think it should be to you is you also get that golden ticket which will entitle you to make sure you have that total retirement plan that we will do for you. Number one will educate you on where you are right now, which is very important and light and enlightening, but number two Design a plan based on what you say you want to have happen in the future number one will tell you that's possible or not, And if it's probable we'll put it together for you in writing, so they'll be no doubts. Gimmicks or games all the way through your life because we practice three main ingredients that every plan we do we wanna have growth. We won't have protection of that growth. In other words, once you get it, we don't want you to give it back. Walk those gains in and then when you decide we want you be able to activate your lifetime income account. We call it the financial Philip strategy. So the next 20 of you go. I'll be looking forward to meeting you. I'll sign a couple other books that I've written. I've written eight of now, but make sure you get that little green Book of life and make sure you get that golden ticket right now. That number is 806 617383 806 617383. You can also text the word plan to 21,000 P l. A in 2 to 1000 folks. This is why we want to give you our listeners the opportunity to review your individual plans for retirement. You can find out if there are any potential red flags that could cause problems for you down the line with your current plan or advisor..

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