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When did, but the the difficulty of the poll off because culminating universe of what fourteen films, or whatever it is? And all of these major characters, and then putting them all together and not making it look like, that's contrived. You just did that that so such and such could have their seen. Why is that in there? Why are we like there's no casino seen that just waste fifteen minutes of time. I can in the last Jedi. I where every time we watch the last show that my son is like, you know, if you take that casinos you seeing this might be the best Star Wars movie I've ever seen. There's none of that. There's no fat, no wasted ammo, the pacing editing. The writing of this film. This is one of the toughest poll off and cinematic history. And they they met an arguably exceeded expectations. And that's why it's never one on my list so gentlemen, I now turn the floor over in the final two minutes. You guys are welcome to agree. Disagree, subtract? Add as you see fit. I think the number one movie. I I don't think there was any other choice than this just the way one the the the craft on the one hand of the way that they pulled this off. But before that they can actually utilize God given abilities and their craft in the editing and pacing all of that stuff. The story is amazing as well and deals with themes as seems like increasingly avengers superhero movies. Do it deals with one of the foremost, if not the foremost theme that we fight against every day aggressive ISM in mouth Uzi and ethics in days. Essentially, Margaret Sanger, exactly. Yeah. There are several movies on here that I probably wouldn't have seen. But because of the way. You say they touch on cultural flash points. I I'm gonna probably see him now because they relate to the way you described a movie from year ago what happened to Monday. Yes. You finally saw that. Finally, it's you undersold it, man. It's is Glenn Close. Not Margaret Sanger in my life. It's great fantastic film. Well, let us know what you think about what we think Stephen Steve day dot com. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter at Steve day show. That's going to wrap it up for Tuesday here on the blaze on demand and live. We are back at it again tomorrow until then John three seventeen. This is Steve days on the place radio network.

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