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The Marlins, as good as advertised. He has had 16 starts and he has one line of those starts and he pitched outstanding baseball. It was the match up against San Diego Contra last Sunday and Vladimir Gutierrez went pitch for pitch without Contra actually beat him by giving up only one run in his seven innings. What this young guy has done has been remarkable. Gutierrez misses with a first pitch fastball up and into the count is one to know He's got a lot of family and friends in attendance the game tonight. Right hander. Behind Miguel Rojas, the first pitch ball RoHaas sitting to 77 homers 34 batted in and now Gutierrez finds the outside corner of the called strike. He's been good all season, but he's dialed it up in the month of August Gutierrez four and one this month he has a 1.67 e R. A Through his five August starts. Guti Gutierrez. His pitch is fouled away to the right by Rojos one end to the cow. About these numbers, 31 strikeouts and 32 a third innings against just seven walks. He's only given up six earned runs all month. Yeah, I like that Walk number. A lot of people are more concentrated on the strikeout number. I like the the strike out the walks. Well, he's striking out a bunch more than he's walking. One ball two strikes. Gutierrez backs the plate and Rose takes off the outside corner fastball that missed In fact, so far this month. And three of the five starts, He's walked only one batter. The most. He's walked us to. He's done that twice here in August. Gutierrez stairs in gets the sign. And the right hander back up over the head with the wind up the 22 pitch broken Batliner by the third baseman must Ah kissed and that will be a base hit for RoHaas. But stock us grimacing. He broke quickly to his left to try to make a play on that ball and then bent over and was in some serious pain. He's still kind of walking around trying to walk the paint out of his foot. We'll see if the trainers go out to take a look at Osaka's. I think David Bell right now is in the dugout looking for the trainers and maybe ask him. Did you see what I just saw? And there's a conversation going on right now. With Tomas Vera Steve bombing. David Bell and Steve Baumann. Tomas Vera, all talking right now. That's going to be a base hit for Miguel RoHaas. I'm surprised they're not out there yet, but they're not going to for now. Gutierrez has the sign the right hander come set. And brings it plate word to jazz. Chisholm Chisholm takes down an in ball one. Chism's hitting 2 51 14 homers 43 R B. I's And, of course, Moustakas was out because of that foot for so long this year. It was. It's just been really starting to find his timing at the plate again. Watch.

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