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Leonard and that was my reading the the self improvement of salvador ross by henry slice are if there's a moral here maybe it's be happy with what you've got which might also applied to our second story this year's winner of our annual stella cup for bird memorial short story contest and they're actual it's is head over knees a teenager moves from and being to empathy i got a chance to read this one to in seven lead on the bus ride home from school i heard what happened to the still cleats how late friday night the oldest stokley son jared had driven home from a movie he'd seen with friends in part the family them in the garage jarrett stuff we was sixteen he just got his license he was a careful drive and some tend to mirror checks all that his parents trusted him to knock on their bedroom door to let them know he was backs ethan sound which jerry did he knocked down there door tiptoed over in just his mother good night maybe she turn on a lamp maybe sat on the end of their bad i'm told him about the movie after he stumbled on the hall in crashed on his own bad meanwhile the still believe man was running running running filling in the garage should the kitchen the living room and three bedrooms of carbon outside jared to fill the fans new york empty attack like his father asked him to the van round all night killing the still police in their sleep kyle so jared brother was in my grade he used to have sleepover is at his house a stop he's had a finish basement complete with cool foosball an error hockey tables i was never invite maybe this was why in the first thing i thought the first thing i felt when i heard the news that he was dead they all are was good.

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