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Poetry, thirst rip one into my mouth, drip, Opole poor poem freshly rung from the OAS directly into my mouth. I feel like we're done now with the segment I feel like that was upon just closed out the poetry quarter. So play the home improvement thing. And we'll we'll move on. I should what if there was a I could make a home improvement remix that was sort of like kind of fresh kind of like poetry kind of. Snaps. Don't be doing that. But what's up home? I'm so glad that you've mentioned jazzy. Oh, okay. Because our next poets from DJ jazzy, Jeff is a big jazz enthusiasts. Okay. And his name is Robert Pinski, Robert Pinski. I know that name he was the poet laureate from nineteen ninety seven to two thousand that's almost certainly not. His name. He was also in an episode of the Simpsons. Maybe that's it. There's an episode where Lisa goes to college. And she goes to a poetry reading that Robert Pinski is reading that. I may be thinking of salute your shorts. I think there was a cow Penske. Yes to wasn't. He like the cool kid came in and like season three. Like had a saw. I remember his interrupted. He like had a sausage. They was like really excited about summer sausage. Yeah. Weird show, but this is a different guy. Yeah. It is turns out all right. So he has written nineteen books. Most of what your poetry, and he is a former saxophonist that says that being a musician was profoundly influential in his interest in poetry that makes. I mean, it makes so much sense that it's almost obvious like the two are so I feel like in in in extricably link. Exactly. Yeah. And I read an interview with him where he talks a lot about musicality. And why that's you know, a really inspiring part of poetry for him part of being poet laureate. We've talked about this before Irun interviewer. He said, there's actually no, you know, explicit requirements of the job. But he really kind of leveraged that opportunity to really expand the reach of poetry. So he created an online course called the. Of poetry, which is available to the public and has been since twenty fourteen just for free. Yeah. That's incredible. Yeah. He so he is a professor at Boston University. And so he used that platform to kind of share the course, but each little lecture part of it is only like two to five minutes long. Oh, wow. Okay. C can really kind of parcel out like, you know, little pieces of interest, depending on where you are. The course if you read the course ascriptin, it says, the course has the underlying principle that the more, you know, about an art the more pleasure. You will find in it. And so you can find all these videos if you searched for the art of poetry. So what are you which which of his his poem? I just wanted. I haven't had a poem in book in six months, I'm dying. I also wanna talk about this other great thing. He did when he was poet laureate. Which was he started the favorite poem project, which is favourite palm dot org. Thousands of Americans from varying backgrounds had the opportunity from every state to share their favorite poems..

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