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Had not loose of the very last second in the end zone, the Cleveland and challenged to play the thought he had recovery for long enough to count the score, But they didn't matter is Nick Chubb. Very next place. Fix it in from one yard out Shut now with 100 yards rushing in this 1 45 are just on the last drive alone. So 100 yards for his third streaking. Coming back from IR. So right now, Cleveland facing a 2nd 11 from out there. Two yard line. They are on top of Jacksonville one minutes ago in the fourth quarter. 27 19 All right, Erik Nelson in Minnesota, where the Panthers still up by eight on the Vikings here is Eric The average. We've got 14 05 to go in the fourth. Carolina lead to 21 to 13 on their last offensive possession. Minnesota goes, 12 plays 72 yards in five minutes and 32 seconds, the Catholic and Bailey, a 25 yard field goal, the key player on the Dr Kirk cousins on a third down. It's just in Jefferson for 18 on a crossing route, but that Cantor's defense got very tight. Inside the red zone. They've They've been playing outstanding football there to shut out last week against Detroit, and the storyline so far has certainly been Jeremy Chin, the rookie safety out of southern Illinois. Hey, has a scoop and score fumble recovery from 17 yards out. That was early in the third quarter Ventress. Seconds later, a strip and score fumble recovery from 28 yards out as he took it away from Dalvin Cook, and that has really changed the tone. Of this whip. Okay. Now Speaking of Dalvin Cook, he left with an ankle injury. They're saying his bitterness probable, but he has not been on the field or any of the fourth quarter and also late in the third quarter. Took 14 Terry's 41 yards today or catches 21 yards. Justin Jefferson five receptions 45 yards for Minnesota, including a touchdown catch her cousins who was throwing for 1 71. No picks and that scoring talk and Jefferson Petty virtue Water has thrown for 1 55 1 touchdown That was to Robbie Anderson, and he kept one interception. The Panthers have run for 90 as a team on the ground, led by Mike Davis. He's got 34 yards 13 50 to go in the fourth Carolina 21 to 13 here in Minneapolis. All right, Stephen Guest Starsky hits from 49. It's the Titans with a 38 14 lead over the Colts. Let's head to Cincinnati, where Jason Erhard standing by the Bangles with the ball, but deep in their own end and down by six, Jason They're rich. It's a battle of backup quarterbacks here. Colt McCoy in there for the Giants and the Brandon Al, of course, in for the bangle 16 to 10 504 to go in the ball game. The Bangles have produced 111 yards of total offense and six first downs. One of those was on a fake punt. They've really done nothing all day. But I guess the only saving grace is there. One point away from taking the lead will take over at their own 15 yard line here with five minutes to go as Allen and company tried desperately to get something going, the Giants of runs 72 plays on offense. The Bangles have run 36 boy. What a difference do borrow makes the 504 to go in the ballgame Giant hanging on 16 to 10 over the Bangles at Paul Brown Stadium. Thank you, Jason and the Jeff cell in Atlanta, where the defense makes a big play for the Falcons. Yeah, Rich. I don't even recognize this defense stock is up 23 to 6 over the Rays. With six minutes to go in the third quarter, waiters had it first to go up to five yard lines. Atlanta held them. To a Daniel Carl's and build all his second bill will the game. Raiders still haven't scored a touchdown today? Deane Jones on the previous possession for the Raiders, a 67 yard interception return for a touchdown off Derek Carr. As soon as he calls it rich. There was a clear path to the end zone that was car's third turn over the game include two fumbles. Both were covered by Jacob to you to Mariner. Now, Josh Jake has had a rough day as well. For the Raiders. He has 11 year olds of six carries and 17 passing yards on three catches for Atlanta. That Ron is really well remember? No Julio Jones? No Todd Gurley. He's still 16 to 2951 yards, including a four yard touchdown pass to Calvin Ridley and a pick when hating her spot of the ball in his hands went up in the air, and the Raiders caught it, so it really wasn't Ryan's fault. Also alum days the key is left with a toe injury. He will not return. Both really in her sleep Atlanta with just four catches, nobody has more than 48 receiving arts. Incidentally, Atlanta kicker Yung Wei Qiu, the Falcons announced they write the entrance. He is going to stay in the game and since they announced that he has made an extra point Right now. The talk is of a third and six on their own 16. They're up 23 to 6 with 5 47 to go in the third quarter. All right. Thank you very much, Jeff. So right now the Falcons comfortably in front but again. Comfort is not always a good thing with the Falcons as we have seen over the course of this season, but the Raiders coming off the law so we could go struggling mightily this time on the road, Let's get you caught up to date on the eight games going on, plus much, much more time for the latest CBS Sports Ready Update with Pete McCarthy. See me? Yes. Sports sports flag. Mr. Bourne is sponsored by lows. Don't make Salo's pro Vem Ber events Now through November 25th. They have deals on brands like DeWalt Spider and Metabolize H P T plus events. You won't want to Miss Lowe's the new home for pros. Hit the scrubber. The Titans a huge laid on the Colts, 38 to 14.

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