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The people show up, I win. If the people of Georgia show up, we win. Are you ready to win this election? And if control of the Senate depends upon this, wow, the next month in Georgia is going to be extraordinary. Extraordinary indeed. Thanks, Jeff. On to Arizona, where CNN's kyung la has been on the ground for months tracking that critical Senate race between the democratic Mark Kelly and his Republican challenger Blake masters and that unbelievably interesting governor's race between Republican Carrie Lake and democratic candidate Katie Hobbs, who currently serves as the Secretary of State of Arizona. Kiang, what do our listeners need to know as they are prepared to watch Arizona and the vote returns come in on this election day? Well, David, we're seeing a slight shift in how Democrats and Republicans here in Arizona are delivering a message in these final hours. And really it's driven by voter behavior, both by what voters are saying and what voters are doing. And you really saw it at the Mark Kelly event. We got rising costs in a lot of places. And when I got back to D.C., we'll be back focused on this issue to bring down costs for Arizona. It's not that he's changing his message. It's that his emphasis has become now inflation. He calls it his number one issue in these final hours, leaning in on the economy. Campaigning with Republicans who support him. He's trying to reach those all important independent voters. A third of registered voters in the state of Arizona are independents. And we have Democrat, Katie Hobbs, running for governor here in Arizona. You know what's at stake in this election? The danger that Kerry Lake will be as governor and that's why we can't let her win. And so democracy is at stake. Abortion rates are at stake. Our public education, she's hitting a number of small canvassing events in the Phoenix suburbs, targeting those independents, those suburban voters trying to bring them out and Republicans, they're driving straight through the heart of Republican territory, really the heart of maga here in Arizona. This is a movement. It's not a campaign. It's a movement of patriotic arizonans who are sick of the crowd. We can't take much more Biden Harris. We can't take much more of Mark Kelly just rubber stamping their demented agenda. I really feel like this is a save the country election. Do you agree? All campaigning as a united slate with an eye at who they need to turn out as same day voters in Arizona, David. Turnout is certainly key it is key in Arizona. We'll be watching it quite closely. Thanks so much, kiang. On Wisconsin, as they say there in Madison, you've got a democratic incumbent governor Tony Evers. He's up for reelection. He's running against Tim Michaels, the Republican nominee there. And you have a Republican incumbent senator Ron Johnson, who has been in a very sharp edged battle with the democratic nominee for Senate fair Mandela Barnes, the state's current lieutenant governor. CNN's Omar Jimenez is in Appleton, Wisconsin. Now you remember Joe Biden won this state by a very slim margin in 2020, Omar, thanks so much for joining us. What is the energy like on the ground these days heading into the election? The days here pulls up to this point here in Wisconsin have shown no clear leader between senator Ron Johnson and lieutenant governor Mandela Barnes, but that's the thing about today. It's the ultimate and final poll of polls. Barnes just wrapped in more than a hundred stop RV tour. And he told me as it wrapped, their strategy throughout this final stretch has really been to meet people where they are and the biggest issues, and not take anyone's vote for granted. I asked him if he feels they've done enough to kick the two term incumbent Republican from office. I can honestly say we've done all that we could. We have been outspent by outsiders. The most expensive race Senate race in the history of Wisconsin that I can guarantee we have not been at work, we're leaving no stone unturned, all gas, no brakes. Now Barnes is planning to make a few more last minute stops today, but on the other side of things, senator Ron Johnson has also tried to leave no stone unturned. Finishing up more than 60 stop bus tour last night. He stayed mostly negative on Barnes, trying to frame him as a continuation of President Biden and as someone who hates this state and the people in it because of his past criticisms of its institutions, but he also hit on the wider implications here if Republicans regain control of the Senate. I would be chairman of the premise of command investigations. I'll be like a mosquito in a nudist colony. It'll be a target rich environment. The suffice for freedom. And it's not anybody else's fights. It's not someone else's fight is our fight. It's a fight that we absolutely have to. And those are the stakes that not just he set, but also barns. This isn't just a Senate seat. This is a vote for the future direction of the country. Thanks so much, Omar. We heard from one voter there in Milwaukee today courtesy of Wiz as to why he turned out to vote. I think it's always important to vote. It's our responsibility as in a democracy. For me, the economy, inflation, really where our country is going as a whole in terms of being able to compete globally. And I think those are some of the big issues that I'm concerned about. My thanks to this incredible team of political reporters that have just been owning this story for CNN. Be sure to watch their coverage all into the evening and in the days ahead. And I say the days ahead because I just want to end with this reminder. 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