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Talking about good buddy Jim Griffin can you talk about the Griffin way what exactly is the Griffin way it's not just selling the car it's not just given them a good deal that's the easy part it's giving them a whole experience the buying process where it's fun the service experience the wow factor I want people to walk away after they bought a car and go wow that was the greatest experience I've ever had I want them to go into the service department go wow they fix my car and they cleaned it and they got it done real quick Natchez them saying boy they took care of me I want them to walk away and say wow that was great how important is it that people leave and feel really good about the experience they've had well when they feel real good they're going to tell other people if you dropped the ball they're gonna tell twice as many people you have to take care of that customer visit Griffin Ford Waukesha Griffin Chevy in Griffin's hub Milwaukee Griffin Ford Lincoln fort Atkinson or Griffin Chrysler Dodge jeep ram in Jefferson seven twenty nine at WTMJ coming up at seven let's call it eight twenty one was actually gonna happen we're talk to a wired accounts year writer lily hay Newman are we about to break the internet Netflix is already slowing down at speeds in Europe to make sure that everybody still has service but that means the quality of what you're gonna see on Netflix in Europe is going to be decreased but do we have enough bandwidth to handle this question back to be going on because of the corona virus here in the U. S. with more kids taking classes online more meetings happening online and of course those of us who put her feet up and start to stream breaking bad for our on and we'll talk with wired senior writer lily hay Newman about that at eight twenty one here and W. T. M. J. Wisconsin's morning news on Wisconsin's radio station newsradio WTMJ seven thirty I'm G. Miller Wisconsin records the first corona virus that's engine that they're already major layoffs in Milwaukee I'm Brian G. the virus continues to impact the NBA in a big way lots of goodies down ninety four from highway.

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