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I Taylor hopping on the gold standard. Tonight I what's going on? Is the standard. So I guess it got to be that's right. That's right now. I mean, what would you been up to these days? It's been a little while since you've been out of the league, how things going. Good coach. Will you a football team was Bob cats? Won a necessary show lesser now with the west orange warriors, a high school in Orlando so business busy, and that's basically going on me. I try to keep busy, you're back to the community. So that's what I'm doing right now. How much do you enjoy doing the coaching is that something that you've thought about getting into even further down the road? Try to us. What now doing it? Love it another process. I love the sparkling these kids, I love teaching I like to see them grow growing person coaching in their growing from, you know, the mid, so what's good experience. Both side. Taylor here on ESPN radio. And you spent your entire career with the Pittsburgh Steelers? Now more than ever. It's pretty rare to see an NFL player where no matter what the sport is. We know NBA as well baseball where someone spins their length of their career for you. Twelve years with one franchise. How special is that for you to be able to say that, you know, there's no question about where where your allegiances lie? There's no question about, you know where where are you staying with that franchise? I think this may coming in as a lot of guys who got his birth. Casey hamsters guys who I draft picks from other teams the jets, Jay. Oh, God drafted joy porter. So it's a lot of guys. I've c- come from other teams say there's no of a franchise with miss a lot of guys like Casey who got it on the stood. You know, I don't wanna leave Pittsburgh. I wanna be around you guys. I see we have some special so. Joey porter Jerome benefits, James ferries the Casey campus. Those guys they thought. Guys, come from cage and not wanting to leave the team. So what we had. That kind of. Kind of like stand plus being. Of course, we always had a agreement like windy. Did it seems like I had read some stuff, even on you over the last couple of months, if not further back that you enjoy something they're still very, very close. Oh. If. But on the phone, and if about chore, like choice blood to me without being mud. If you understand what I'm saying. Thought process so. While you guys one for your lifetime me able to be around humble future hall of fame. You know. Just been inefficient Witty's as personally person. A real person down to earth. Don't won't know exposure kinda person generation air expose. Everybody wanna be like. Option. But you know what? He has a person and on the field Nancy locker room so you not learn a lot even on Detroit's I've learned a lot from Lou. And I'm bracing. He's, he's my brother. Two time SuperBowl champion spent twelve seasons in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is. I Taylor joining me here on ESPN radio and use spend twelve years in the NFL, you're doing something right to say the least, and you went to Super Bowl, that's another discussion as well, highly successful career for yourself. What do you make of some of the money that's being thrown around now that cornerback position in most recently was Howard is paid player in that position? Now. I love it. Like the corner. When I what I try to tell people defense lineman got the linebackers back. Be mess out the linebackers got a secondary guys to tobacco book. If it mess up Kona, the safeties will have. Nobody back yourself if you mess up. So you're really out on olive, especially the way to league is going now with a lot of spray authors. You can't go wrong by having six seven guys who can come in tackle open FU. So. Fade away. You got pavement. I love it. I'm Bracy in like it because it hauling playing cornerback one it's hard playing cornerback in the league harder because strike up the band when you get beat in this show when you get beat. Like, how if you're for the past years, or so you're going to get paid like faith you beside him whose another corner that you really enjoy watching. Jaguars. Chris join he's he's been slept on for a loan. But he still one of those guys that get the job done weekend a week out, you know, you got a few guys you got to San Diego. Stay healthy. Go back to Pittsburgh, even though Joe Haden isn't we didn't drive Pittsburgh. We didn't drop the Pittsburgh. Cleveland drought the him. He's one of those guys at a high level consistently. We starting to see. So I mean uh playing Cleveland Brown, we do Joe Haden was he was he would that guy now, Pittsburgh Adamy that guy. So few guys between Jalen ex Joe Chris average Joe you those guys, you know, pretty much one of the top guys because they've been doing it. At a high level consistent with Taylor. The former Steelers corner spent twelve seasons there two-time champion joining me here on ESPN radio. Some news in the NFL today before we get back into your career, and in the relationships you're able to build with the coaching staff. And in some of the other guys throughout the twelve years, the NFL in NFL players sociation today, reportedly, they're going to study marijuana as a potential pain management tool for players. And this is something we've talked about on my show over and over and how the NBA they technically have policy, but they don't really enforce it. The NFL's one of the few leagues that's still enforce it in in you played. I'm sure you were around guys that you saw what not being able to, to use that as a pain management, tool Qasr. Maybe for them in post playing career. What do you make of this news today, potentially if you're experiencing some other guys that you played with? Or maybe even yourself deal with with pain. Legalizing, a lot of states in the u the next two years for show won't be legalized. And a lot of states. I mean if you look at the marijuana issue is is is natural. So. In the natural about cigarettes, as far as like it been naturally healing. You know, helping guys psychology psychologically, in, in mentally physically. It's one of those natural, you know, herbal medications. From my perspective. It just haven't hit the government yet on how we don't get paid on doing. So basically big out of their share of the money. Do not NFL sometimes NFL, open Pandora's box too much. Too much quietly. Get what you need to get done and move on from it. So. I could see why you know, like I said, it's natural. I don't do it because I'm already low key. Yeah. Understand a lot of guys deaths death what they liked do nothing wrong with it. Do whatever you need to do to help you physically. I get it. If we prescribing all these pain, pills, which are in the long run, why not prescribe national. One hundred percent with you, there as we're talking with Taylor here on ESPN radio two Super Bowls for you, not many guys able to have one of those won't even just make a SuperBowl. You've got super rings. What was it like for you to be part of to Suba championship teams? And do you have a memory even from one or both of them? Maybe that stands out still to you. You you describe like. College was fun playing football was fun plan in the NFL..

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