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As here like the center of the area and the other thing is that they are build for people to go to and to focus or meditate very often you find a very complicated area if you go if you enter church and this is exactly what you hope for an you show out for example or invite people who listen to music you want them to find the atmosphere i was cassi crawls up and who's reporting from berlin and finally wants to show off to hong kong for our bureau chief james chambers tells us about the religious rituals on the towers and buddhist temples the scattered were the city and why some of them are not good for pollution it is often said money is the only religion masters in hong kong and the most visible displays of faith happen every wednesday saturday when punches prayed horses that when the races but faith and religion a prevalent right across the city what did you know where and when to look building paper is in fact a cornerstone of ritual worship fences and deities in chinese culture but takes place during religious ceremonies festivals on funerals yet this popular expression of faith could be facing a crisis as authorities in asian cities pay closer attention detecting pollution and creating a more sustainable urban environment towers and buddhist temples can be seen all over hong kong and many date back to the founding of the city in the mid nineteenthcentury these equipment by other temples honoring local deputies who originally hailed from the surrounding region of southern china such as the memo temple showing one the tin hau temple in causeway bay the difference between these religious buildings on the monumental churches that can be seen in many western cities so they tend to be modest onestorey oneroom structures that have to cram into every nook and cranny of his jampacked urban environment.

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