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Companies grow and becomes more difficult to track all of that stuff and the promise net sweet makes to its customers is that their product will keep things simple even as the company gets more complicated and the software generates reports on demand and gives managers chance to look for outliers that might be the result of a mistake or they might indicate an under or over performing employees and thus allow you to address that further then there's professional services automation or psa that's all about project management and resource allocation there are a lot of businesses out there that operate on the principle of billable hours i used to work in consulting and in those days you were supposed to bill all of your hours to whichever projects you were working on so if you were working on project a for four hours in the day he would write that down and then maybe you spent two hours on budget be so you would write that down you're supposed to keep track of all of that information because all of that would be billed to the client or sometimes it's all internal billing where it doesn't ever go necessarily to an outward client but it's a way for a company to keep track of what implies are doing what projects are working on which projects are taking up the most in assets again there's that word to refer to human beings as assets and it's a way of just tracking what's going on so that was part of what psa covers and finally there's the enterprise resource planning or erp's section i talked about this just briefly earlier these are all the back end operations of business needs to handle like inventory shipping billing and more and obviously that that applies mainly to businesses that are dealing with actual physical products but services based businesses they also have to work with inner enterprise resource planning so as business businesses grow this gets way more complicated you could be dealing with multiple warehouses manufacturing plants retail.

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