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Network set mike mayock in jeremiah who's i think he should start a podcast i think a lot of i mean definitely i mean some promise don't set don't set the goals too high you just wanna have an ice loyal small following that's what he should do but i think what happened here is west cannot stand the quasi real potentially not real beef with with digits everybody got so fired up listeners like it that's all the matters the people got so fired up on this day us about the saints getting lamar jackson and then rog goes up to the stage and announce his markets davenport and yeah i think it feels like a missed opportunity can we stop buying hype every year that the saints are gonna drop the first round quarterback every tricking year people hook line and sinker oh yeah of course the saints are going to do the first round quarterback they got drew brees give me a break also the hubris that you're only one player away from title team you're also one or two injuries away from being the most disappointing team in the league so calm down on one player away from the super bowl it's always those trades very rarely work the anger just one player way let's just go for like the trade value chart essentially exploded after this chain like the same totally disregarded any sense of value and gave the packers new gm brian good akins little little wind for his first because he ended up using those picks to move back up got a ton of value i really i did not like this move first of all he was talked about as a project marcus davenport they don't have a great history drafting pass rushers but i like it a lot less when i hear when i heard sean payton's defensive he said people may say.

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