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Just yet, but it's heading that way. It's really thick. From deposits Circle to Columbia Road. Lori granted WBC's traffic on the three North Atlantic States Carpenters union brings us the four day WBZ AKI weather forecasts. Let's get a look at how today and the days to come are shaping up with meteorologist Een DeVore. Good morning team. Good morning to you, Jeff. Today we're kind of on the boundary. The cold air wants to relax a little bit. But then some of the powers that be up to the North say no, not so fast. We're going to see Maybe a little early sunshine of them work clouds. A little boundary could come through again and touched off a heavier snow shower to this happening this evening. Certainly some flurries temperatures mid thirties at best Today, real feels is the breeze picks up this afternoon is pretty calm this morning. But breezier this afternoon windier real feels will be in the twenties will end up in the twenties tonight. Tomorrow not is cold, low forties with some sunshine. But then one of these Arctic fronts comes back through with a couple of snow showers and later tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening, since it's back into the deep freeze, Saturday's gonna be windy and colder. Despite some sun high 31 real feels teens. Low thirties with less wind and some sunshine Sunday and then all eyes on later Monday Tuesday for their next system that could bring us some appreciable snow ice or rain. I'm acting with meteorologist beamed aboard WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. Partly cloudy and cold 22 he in Boston. There's a reason the top builders in the North Atlantic states use union carpenters, in fact or three Quality value and trust Bill your business with the North Atlantic States Carpenters Union visit Nes RCC dot or g'kar. Good morning. 6 25 Look at New England business. Now this is a done deal, and more than 80 year old tradition in Massachusetts changes Hands Friendly's restaurants has new owners, The M E T Partners Group. Officially buys.

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