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Justin turner big hit late canley janssen closet han that script to the director by the way in los angeles now it's not those independent movies megan money no it's those second third fourth spiderman iron man seek walls systems now even dominate hollywood but nobody wants to be part of a system i told you and i lived in new england i watched every patriot game sort of god they all looked to say eighty four percent of the time looked it up they take a lead seventy five percent they win the turnover battle or it's even and then they take out your best weapon what they did to atlanta is what they've been doing for ten years and formulas and systems make your rich in business and they also make your rich in sports it's not the devote wide receiver if not having russell westbrook who is the mvp it's not the highest bin winner it's not the scoring champ no it's falling in line part of a community doing the same thing over and over a great example of that in the nfl's the pittsburgh steelers n tonio brown yamin ball davis brian giving a ball latium argument about all big band talking about retirement other steelers are all of the map for the first month a year all over the map get me the ball give it and then the steelers go back to what they do really well they give lebian bell their star running back the ball fifteen to twenty times and what are they now in the last three weeks unbeaten and dominating teams.

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