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He was in a movie with jessica alba he's a comedian there were penguins it was a now skip it the one show mandalay bay is yes she's on modern family not sarah hyland but the younger one okay gone in sixty seconds them wonder action blonde irish dial horon yes no no no he only got he just likes them anthony photos on instagram he's a blogger gay he used to hate me and be so mean but now he's really nice he's married he has a kid trad seldom literally so our friend anthony who does the choreography for our show he just i had he just liked a bunch of his photos on instagram he goes oh my god when press hilton likes your photos so we're just going to say i won mr soup competitive i feel like i should picked that category myself because three okay screaming i feel like this is a little discriminatory towards the homosexuals because there was not like a drag race category there was not like bush nets category but is there you know i just i look they have all of these extra categories they have love songs ooh ellen acted out game of thrones but like a friends category disney star wars oh no star wars eighties seinfeld that's so ninety oh my god i need to get all these we're just gonna play heads up on this show i'm yup you just didn't wanna buy for me what i forgot okay i was unprepared i am sorry at a late night.

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