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Windows game changing performance of the game. But it's 21. Nothing. Iowa. They're off to a strong start, but you're not. Dead and varied when his 21 nothing but all the sudden the Spartans were in a deeper hole. Thanks to a 54 yard punt return by Charlie Jones, who came here as a punt return specialist as he transferred in from University of Buffalo and something looked like it today, didn't he? Oh, he did. He was explosive dangerous. You just really didn't want him to get the ball anymore. In that time. Now the punt went right to him alone Line drive, and he took it to the house 54 yards, which then led to a following touchdown. Other pick six from 54 yards, But that was definitely the game changer performance by Charlie Jones. And I think maybe this Parsons pressed a little after that, Yeah. And then there was a pick six and school was out. Let's go by the numbers now with the MSU Federal credit Union. What do you got? Jason got total yards. Michigan State 286 405 for Iowa to 27. In the air 59 on the ground for Michigan State. 1 79 through the air to 29 on the ground for Iowa. There were 11th down from Michigan State 19 1st down for Iowa. That's pretty much the story of the game. There was there was balance by Iowa passing running, Miss. You say it was not able to do it on the ground. Final 49 7 hot guys here in Iowa City on the TCF Bank Spartan Media Network Wherever your family calls.

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