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W. R. E. C. E. I. ninety two point one FM Clint Cooper with the redeemer's group in Germantown Tennessee and you're listening to real estate mortgage shop and now back to your host Joe garner right that's what we're talking about today champions were talking about home and home loans advantages for our military first responders teachers teacher heroes and around real estate mortgage shop on Joe garner your host mortgage loan officer you can connect with me at J. O. garner dot com you can also email me J. O. J. oh garner dot com and pick up the phone I want to hear your story nine oh one four eight two zero three five four in the studio today we have Jim and we have faith Jones of remax experts in Germantown Tennessee and they are affiliate partners with homes for heroes that's what we've been talking about today and Jim and Fay how do we contact you guys the our cell number is mobile four zero two one two three four and you can go to the website check out all the things we're talking about all the details at nine oh one hero dot com all right we're going.

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