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Just a quick note before we get started this. Week's episode is about dwight horn who is still an active duty military member. His us aren't necessarily representative of the dod orbits components. There're dead insurgents as we walked along and as we finally got close all of a sudden i remember bullets. Were just flying everywhere. I personally just felt suffocated in the moment when he was a student dwight horn felt called and he entered the ministry but as a navy chaplain he volunteered to follow the marines to whom he was ministering into battle because he felt it was his duty just as marines raines. Don't wanna let one another down. During the most dangerous physical times the chaplain couldn't let his marines down during the crisis of conscience that comes after fighting house to house in a war zone they wanted to hear from me that what they were doing was right and for me to be able to express that with firmness with conviction which i i truly felt was important for them to being gazed in that battle what is true true bravery what makes a hero a hero tested by the worries of what's happening at home thousands of miles away and the reality of what you're facing here and now when your life is in danger every second and it's either kill or be killed and original podcast cast from incongruity media. This is anthony russo and this is he's war <music>. <music> whitehorn.

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