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Could save you fifteen percent or more tarred nobody in my life has as many unlikable traits who I still like as Gods Stugatz would you have taken the bait got no pay cuts. Please hell you talking to live with our show with Stugatz on. ESPN Radio Neil. So the audience is a bit agitated with me because every once in a while I'm the annoying obnoxious strident guy. I who reminds you that a lot of human beings more human beings than not are followers instead of leaders you go throughout human psychology ecology. You will find all sorts of testing that shows people behave Outside of their morals and ethics sometimes in scientific tests when simply following instead of leading where they can be guided lead. And so when I say if the rules are dumb break them a whole lot of people out here saying and what do you mean. They're the rules and so I just give you this by way of moving on because When I look at what happened with Lsu and Odell Beckham? I think the rules are unjust. And him breaking them to me makes sense. And those of you who it doesn't make sense to. I believe lever protecting a system. That's unjust but I'm just going to give you this quote sent in the twitter. If a law is unjust a man is not only right to disobey it he he is obligated to do so. That's Thomas Jefferson. That's one of the founding fathers. When you're saying here I think taxes are dumb? Taxes are foundation of this country country. You can think they're dumb and not WANNA pay them but they're foundation of this country in terms of getting your garbage picked up but I think people view the type of leadership that Odell backup junior expressed that night maybe it is leadership. There are better ways to go about it. You have a big name if you really care use your name use whatever platforms you have have to try to. We did to try to instigate Dan. Yes but that's leadership where it's also look at me too. Okay so wait a minute. The energy has to be your way. I'm not saying Dan listen. I want players lawyers to be paid. I'm just telling I'm trying to give you what the public is looking at. And they see a guy who was handing out dollar or hundred means to God sees a millennial look at me the athlete sleep for this generation. He's very looking okay. But it's hard for people like look at me and leadership at the same exact time. It's all pills while leadership is is breaking the rules but it's not a rule it affects him. It's not leadership because he's not endangered anymore. Live concert there are more risks for others than for him. But he's the one getting tame today you don't know the names of the players other than borough that he was giving money to at you will when they do an investigation and they're ineligible to play. Ben Found decide the enforcing body that is by all accounts. Totally unjust will levy. It's totally arbitrary penalty based on how they make the rules to protect the rule book. That was made made one hundred years ago before teammate. TV money flooded into the sport. That's fine but then again Odell Beckham junior faces no consequences the players. That's the best kind of anarchy. Probably not the best person to boost the argument about rules being dumb and follow what you want and when he owns six hundred slaves. Good point could've gotten around the founding father using Thomas Jefferson certain moral order a loophole in the founding fathers data minute hold on a second. That's not right at all. Like I like plenty of six hundred one day I the part. That's not right is I could like plenty of what Jim Brown stands for without liking that he also stands for the beating of women. Now I understand that but in terms of like just strictly rules in that quote probably find another one. Let's put it in Google. Let's find another minute about rules you you think I think he could have gotten around to. That is agreed. Is Thomas Jefferson. Not One of our founding fathers. That is not the debate here. He is one hundred percent founding this country. This country is founded on breaking the rules. It's how we became a country and MM slavery was a part of all that too but USA. Am I right Yeah USA. We talk of football or you. Don't WanNa Talk Thomas Jefferson and slavery. I will say this he did have six hundred slaves. Mike is Right three two of them while he lived and another seven more after there is death. He didn't free anyone after his debt. That's that's what it says. Let's go digging into like how he treated the slaves right Eh. Well he was he was having sex with some of them. Yeah we don't have to get into that So we're we're actually bring Thomas Jefferson before the actual game right. We would have is on a hell of a show during Thomas. Jefferson's time we would have been so controvercial. We would have been yelling at him. What do you do in Jefferson? One of our founding fathers is all this stuff was slavery I just be blurting out. Founding Fathers. That's right you're just. Learning nickname also bringing down the wrong Jefferson considering that they have a receiver governing. which if you trace it back yeah you think Thomas Jefferson Tj? Back in the day I thank you for taking the conversation to the dumbest possible play off. So Chris Cody has been invoked by this Aaron Hernandez Documentary Henry on Netflix. I think this is interesting because I'm pretty sure that what I'm watching and I'm only a third of the way through it is basically just a really condense condense cliff notes version of everything. Boston was covering at the time that the national media covered pretty poorly combined with what the Boston Globe did. Recently the podcast series that was super thorough took a long time and now on television POPs more. I think this is reaching more people because because it's really well done and we're all fascinated by the true crime nature of not understanding how Aaron Hernandez could possibly arrived in a place where he was killing people plural while in the middle of making forty million dollars with the Patriots. And I'm going to camp and and signing a new contract and Aaron Hernandez I mean think about what. I'm about to say. Tom Brady could have had Aaron Hernandez still keeping him young Aaron Hernandez would not be too old right now to still be playing football. In a way that Gronk hunk is not Aaron Hernandez represents one of the few skilled guys that the Patriots actually drafted to get. Tom Brady some help all the other help that they got other than Aaron Hernandez and Gronk was usually free agents and whatnot so Chris. You've been fascinated by this right. I feel like it's a lot of rehash but I also I'm finding finding interesting the way that they condensed it all for us so that we're watching something that while it's not exactly new news all of that stuff that I've seen so far has been in this podcast series series that the Boston Globe was doing. It's still fascinating hearing him talk. It's fascinating hearing how simple he was not not sort of measuring during what. His position was not introspective. In any way yeah hearing the phone calls for that he made from jail to countless people and as they move on but I got through two thirds of it so he talks even more people. That's the part that I'm just like. That's what you get to really get a sense of how he was dealing with things the way he was talking to Marquees pouncey his. It's beyond say his family members. I was riveted by that access. Age Right laughing about Smith and Wesson deal. Get Him Smith and Wesson deal because his agents tell him. I can't get Nike. swoosh switches on the jumpsuit. That access to those phone calls. You're right though it's it would be a lot of stuff we've already kind of known but that stuff was crazy but no you should watch it if you want to understand better and likes to God's get the cliff notes..

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