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A questionable. We don't we don't we. Don't think about the Chan. I don't think about the Chin in that sense. Because you get tough she's GonNa fall down Ortiz dollar last fight for golden born. So I was. I was reading that night and chuckled. Good he'll look good coming out moving around and got touched. She fell down. You don't go. Chuck has a weak Chin now because of age because we sat her we know that fighters fell down fights over. He's he just fell out and went to sleep. Woke up we gotTA fight so it's not like one half you don't go. Oh this guy's got a week Chen. This guy's strong right you go. I knew this guy can take a beating analyst. Those guys survives. I'm GONNA give them a chance to survive but also finance point of how much let them survive and every every referee different on the other end you know the guys that we can just okay if he falls down flights over as it. I'm not GonNa let them take. I'M NOT GONNA go a week channel. I'm take ten more punches. You will. He got touch. She's GonNa fall down solidify despite finish. Now what's similar to you. Know we talked about guys so many. But there's some great women fighters rousing I. You know I it's And I'm asking more than telling about but I'm going to ask like I am telling like to me she had never been touched before and then Obviously the Home kick to the face and then you know the destruction of Nunez. Ns and forty eight seconds to shave a week. Chen or was is just the fact that she never been touched before. She just wasn't skilled boxing. She's one scaled. She's in no matter what no matter what everybody said. Oh there was a room for while she could beat up any mail hundred twenty five pounder that she can box anybody. One hundred hundred and thirty five pounds or whatever weight class could be ludicrous. Just doesn't she doesn't have the skill like if you if you actually understand the game you understand. She doesn't have the skill what had happened was is that she was the the absolute top of cream of the crop. Best for four or five years but during that four or five years every other female find that way class was watching her trying to figure out how to beat in her how to catch her. That's what they're doing the top of the heat. She has to worry about five hundred and fifty people in the class. Everybody else may class had to worry about one person. She Saint Kosovo. How was Chris? Wideman able to beat him significantly both times. 'CAUSE CHELSEA SON and taught us how to beat them right wrestling. I'll be and we had show loss to him. But he was beating the crap out of me for a four and a half rounds so close literally winning had to get through another whatever minute and a half two minutes. Whatever he would've won the entire fight easily and if he lost the second half of that round didn't matter all you do is get out of that triangle? Won The a fight. He gave us the blueprint to be Anderson Silva the reason why Rana got caught so quickly because the women's division was at the time ten years behind the men's division right right because if we had more time they had women's divisions just didn't have it deserves developing. But they're able to look at the men's division to learn like before Michael Jordan there was never a fadeaway jumper now all of a sudden every fadeaway jumper. Why because Emma's watching Jordan every learn from Jordan so everybody else's figuring out before they got the pros so when the pros all of a sudden there was this batch Gotcha college kids and we had a fadeaway jumper? That was amazing to watch. What the like centers fadeaway jump? How is this possible? Free my favorite player. Okay we'll tabby learn everybody everybody from Rhonda in Iran his classes watching the watching the men fight learning how learning how to compete with the men but only had men to train with as well so they're becoming smarter like men so the Women's division being ten years behind then when it came to the home fight. The women's division was five years behind coming up now all of a sudden it's evenly matched right. It's the women's divisions evenly mass. I'm not saying that women can beat men. I'm not saying that that that is unfortunately biologically just doesn't happen man at the same aim weight size. Same Way class are going to be stronger. Do Some Women Win Jitsu tournaments co ED and he gets able to catch a guy that's much bigger than yes but I'm able to throw punches. It's it's not. It's not a fair assessment. GonNa Happen But the women's division is just as good as the men's division they are just as deep as the men division to the point. Now where guys like like coker ochre starting a whole new weight division wrapped around Chris Cyborg specifically because there's enough women that will fight at one. Four five they have enough women they can make they can get ten twelve twenty thirty people people in the way class deep matchups like they have this position now is caught up. And that's why you saw Rhonda Fall so quickly. Because she was the top she didn't have time handler from everybody else. You gotta worry about the next person coming at her right so she got a false sense of security because she's able to on by buddy catch everybody that she went out there and start striking with holly. How he's like? I'm not having any of this. I'm a former female boxing champ. I this is what I do for a living. You're not gonNA strike me. You might be able to out grammy but you're not gonNA be condition me. You'RE NOT GONNA be an Australian automated striking matchup as hit. I should have done Lord. Eleven shadow w why would she even bothering San there but she stood there and she was so comfortable the hand and asking their new newness because Nunez had learned a blueprint from from holly home. She's like I'm a blitzkrieg. This girl. And she went on Bush creator if they fought again if if they went back and six months later we did that fight. It might have went to the second round of the third round because she's going to try to figure rising to get out of the way and she would have worked on hand sanitizer up slow fight not saying saying that Amanda beat her up again in the fourth round comes second fight but the fight would have been different right absolutely indifferent but all we know is Tyson and buster. Douglas Nineteen Ninety. That's all are. We know the fight that happened. That's all we know what happened. That fight was not happy it was great for one side and very bad for your side. We almost strikeforce with Brett Rogers against fate or like fate or got him got him good. Yeah I mean that was when I started to go I think failures declining because I think Brett Rogers was literally literally three months before that fight working at a tire store. That's not good that he's having trouble with this guy at all but what I know frank trigg like I literally. We can do to Morales in his absolutely. We didn't even get into your career like that perfect we have to. That's why I have to come back but listen Like that's how I do do the podcast. I think any other podcast. I'm not comparing myself. In the sense they were just like okay. We'll ask about two huge divides will ask about you know Robbie lawler had already answered these fucking questions. So where can people find you. Social Media Frank trigg on instagram. Graham Frank trigg on facebook fan page full on my facebook personal page. So you have to go to my page frank trigg. Its all photos of me. Instagram John Instagram twitter and a website. or No I did website. I don't do any whether frank furniture dot com and do anything with it and if you ask me a question it takes you to get back to us because I'm the only one to answer. It's either near my wife. The only people that actually get to this they actually answer for this so somebody takes a minute to get to you because I might get a bar with a bunch of people. That's what I was. It's very impressed with you. Know when we met Kayla us that night You know uh go. I was there to see my friends Stephen Singer from rat. And then Jesus go from Osha. TRAG I'll give my number asking to be on the party. He'll never get back to me like the next day. You got back to me. In fact I follow up. I try to follow up with with anybody even if even if it's just hey gosh number. Thanks for talking to you last night. I mean that's the only time we ever ever talk again. I always try to follow up because because you deserve the respect you gave me your number. You deserve to responding to you for me to give you a number now to talk to you. That's kind of asshole move. I don't want to be that I don't be that guy anymore. Which is why I always get back to fan so you could see the joy in there is like do and I'm not a famous comic but to them I am and can't believe you got back to me? I'm like why wouldn't wouldn't like Jeremie take a day or two because you know we got shit going on so I want you guys to become fans of Frank And if you're I know frank and get money from this necessarily but if you are around the forum Saturday night Twenty combined say. Hi is that Saturday Saturday night. Right next Saturday Surani Surani this weekend is the Serono and then the following weekend Isabel fight the forum. So it's a big you know then I'm sure there's eight more cards I don't know about that are happening control and and I don't like this. ESPN I just WanNa pay order the pay per view on direct. TV maybe But we'll get we'll get into that in the next. Yeah because I'm a fan. I don't like the new setup with DASA and and ESPN PLUS I. It's an inflow wrestling and then fight. TV and then by the time you get done you're you're paying two hundred dollars just for APPs to watch fights well if you don't have a smart TV which I do but I'm I'm horrible technologies. You're not smart. No I'm not I have to watch. I'll watch the McGregor fight on my Computer Shane which is big. But I WANNA watch it on that screen. It's bigger era but I don't think Dana White cares what one guy in West Hollywood cares or thinks about the billion dollar four billion dollar company. Guess what's going to happen happened Saturday. We're all GONNA pay to watch. Oh I I think. There's a heavyweight fights to watch it. I mean that La Hoya promotion that we'RE UA GRAPHENE AT I. was there that the LADELE fight. There was a heavyweight fight in. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I don't remember who it was but I do remember. It was a heavy set Hispanic Dude. You'd this guy took some shots I was. I don't remember his name because it was unknown. I don't remember half the fights. I breath I came. Why like US sir? freakshow fights which I like ballatore more than the because they'll take a risk and they'll have a Bob Sapp fight in You know I don't know. They had a son and fighting that heavyweight tournament he fought Then beat here on out to get through or something let me see fate or beat Meer. he lost to Mandatory on Yeah Yeah Comedy comedy store favorite That's what had me when he came to the comedy store one night and he was rising in the UFC. He's got to have a porsche or something and I'm not putting them on black. He's got he's got an ex wife and kids. He's got like beat a at the time he had like this. Here's this huge alking dude. Driving like a beat but I don't know four Ford Focus was like Oh my God. They must not get paid that much. Ex Wires Irma. We'll leave it on that note ex wives or motherfucker so Thank you to Frank. trigg on the the really pleasure was all mine nine. He'll be definitely be back if he will come back on a percent inappropriate all apple podcasts. And soundcloud you'd better leave a review follow Frankie's it's so simple with Frank Frank trigg everywhere. Instagram twitter facebook fan page. Follow him and Support him when he's rapping a fight It's a pleasure to Watch a good Rafael worker. Fight so But that's a fan so I like her being Dan Literally Oughta like I love watching a good raft take control like mercury autism bullshit all. Yeah he's awesome and he's a fucking giant man which I'm sure helps the fighters stay in line. So thank you for the support. We'll be back next week. Maybe we'll try and get the head hunter. Paul on Italo.

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