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From cafe. Welcome to stay tuned. I'm Prete Berar. When the full weight and force of the United States ultimately comes down on Russia. It's going to be devastating, and it may not come while Trump is president. Maybe it does, but it will come because that's the way everybody else feels. That's Bill Browder, an activist and campaigner for Justice in Russia. Since we first spoke in October Latimer Putin called him out by name at the l. Zinke summit Bill is back to talk about Putin's personal attacks and President Trump's flirtation with handing over Bill and other Americans to the Russian regime. This is a good one folks. But first, let's get to your questions. So we're taping this cue a lunchtime on Wednesday, August first. And the first question comes in the wake of a tweet Donald Trump sent just a little while ago as I was coming to the studio. This is what the president of the United States tweeted. Just now quote, this is a terrible situation and attorney general Jeff Sessions should stop this rigged witch-hunt right now before it continues to stain our country. Any further. Bob Muller is totally conflicted and his seventeen angry Democrats that are doing his dirty work are a disgrace to USA exclamation Mark. So that's the president of the United States saying in a tweet that attorney general Jeff Sessions should stop this rigged, which hunt right now. And the question from Twitter user at indivisible Mitch is, is that tweet obstruction of Justice. So a lot of people are asking that question and that's reasonable. Given how sort of even more extreme than usual Donald Trump's tweet is he's literally saying on his favorite social media platform that the train. Stop the rig which on. So if you have survey about it before I get to the question of whether or not that for by itself or in combination with other things is obstruction. First of all, attorney general Jeff Sessions is recused from the Russia investigation, so it should not be up to him to decide to stop it or not or interfere with it in any way. The other say about the irony of the tweet is the basis on which Donald Trump says, at least in this social media post that the investigation to be down is based on Bob Muller's alleged conflict. So on the one hand, he doesn't believe Jeff Sessions should be recused, and then he should be able to shut down the investigation on the other hand based on, I think not very good reasoning and just generalized anger about the investigation. He thinks Bob Muller is conflicted and should be recused and should be allowed to continue..

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