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The White House, Donald Trump must be stopped. I've beaten him before and I will do it again. On Bill de Blasio, and I'm running for president because it's time we put more ping people, I. The New York mayor joins a crowded field of about two dozen Democrats eyeing the White House less than a week after a died in the Texas house on technicality, the Bill, that would protect Christian businesses from discrimination sailed through the Senate last night. Senate Bill nineteen seventy eight was coined the Chick-fil-A Bill after the fast food chain was banned from San Antonio's airport for making donations to Christian organizations that oppose the LGBTQ community state Senator Bryan Hughes author, the bills, you're an individual your business, and you have an affiliation where they religious organization. This Bill says the government cannot discriminate against you. They can't deny you a contract. Senator Jose Menendez oppose the Bill, forcing cities and counties in other places to contract with people who openly espouse their hatred for our citizens after final passage, the bills headed to the house at the capitol. Chris, FOX News Radio twelve hundred w meanwhile, the state Senate Wednesday passed version of the Bill earlier approved by the house that would allow Texas farmers to grow him. The non toxic. Version of marijuana hemp fiber can be made into cloth and other items in the plan produces CBD oil, which is popular for health benefits hemp is expected to be profitable for farmers, and a source of tax revenues for the state bear counties, battling democrat party precinct shares of won a lawsuit filed against the county party chair, Monica Alcon Tara, who attorney Woody Wilson says was violating party rules.

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