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All right, 6 41 there, Juggy. Yes, it is. It's on wine learning. I mean it zone learning process. Eventually we'll get this down, right? It's something to do and not just here but around the world as you may know, at the National University of Singapore, a professor Wrapping up a two hour long lecture when he realized he had been on mute for two hours. And I guess that people were trying to convince trying to, you know. Signal him but his screen was frozen as well. So I guess he wasn't seeing them or whatever. Haven't thought this through. But so the discovery took Mr the Professor Wang by surprise. Good job. Two hours speaking the absolutely No. One Start all over again. Watch out for that said Yeah. I hope you took copious notes. I'm done. All right. Traffic. Let Ze take a look at The ice cold roads and what's happening. That's a good idea from the UC. How tramping center you see. Health Cardiology provides the region's most advanced art care program visit you see health dot com slash heart for details. Crews continue to work with the pickup truck fire that is South bound 75 before you get into simpler nard above Mitchell, right. Two lanes are currently blocked off because of it, and traffic is banking up pants. The lateral got a report of a broken down north bound 75 at the Western Hills Viaduct. And eastbound on the lateral. There is an accident car hit the barrier wall left lane is blocked before you get to Montgomery Road Chucking from NewsRadio. 700 wlw. This report is sponsored by Allstate. We're driving less. You could be saving more on car insurance with paper mile insurance from Allstate. Pay for the miles. You drive and save on the miles. You don't Call the local Allstate agent and get a quote now. I don't have isolated snow showers. Maybe some flurries often on throughout the day, but cold and windy is the rule.

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