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Long-term can impact health Christy king WTO P news It's 7 18 Let's go check out the traffic with Jack Taylor Slowing on the beltway Maryland topside outer loop We've got a delay from 95 over toward Georgia avenue then into the big curve It did remain heavy unclear if that tire debris it was very huge It was a tractor trailer tired debris before the legion bridge That had been in the center of the roadway and collars the road through said this is nothing you can drive over unclear if that's still in the roadway The pace seems to be improving somewhat riding down toward the big fog but hopefully the debris is gone Now you will find we'd had slower traffic south of town beginning near saint Barnabas road headed down toward the Wilson bridge earlier in the through lanes before the bridge We did have word of an earlier wreck 50 out of the bay bridge west there had been word of a broken down vehicle that may have already cleared it had been red X over that right lane Branch avenue headed north toward the lighted earnshaw drive there was an early Iraq moved out of the roadway Two 70 we've got delays near the monocacy into urbana headed down toward one O 9 then some slowing briefly in Germantown and then the length of the spur getting onto the outer loop All right in Virginia we've got the ongoing paving project getting at a Gainesville east riding toward manassas and Centreville watch the left HOV lane closed 66 east near the fairfax county Parkway that crash moved safely off the roadway onto the left shoulder In the city of Alexandria Taylor run Parkway out in your Janis lane follow police direction This is police activity The trouble in the Springfield interchange is the merge point from 95 north and three 95 south getting onto the inner loop a truck bed liner was down in the roadway The crash and Huntington northbound route one near Huntington avenue That is along the right side of the roadway And there was a wreck on the telegraph road stretch out near the fairfax county Parkway Now the slowing on top end three 95 crosses the inbound 14th headed toward the case bridge earlier had the broken down truck that was blocking the center lane the police tow truck had been there unclear if it's gone hopefully it's getting out of there Jack Taylor WTO P traffic Mike's dinner for it It's been pretty humid for a while now especially this morning Yes and that's going to stay the way for the next several days but we'll finally turn less muggy late Friday and it's going to be a great weekend.

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