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Katie. Okay, but for now, greetings, George Ross. Hi. How are you? Good to have you along now. I mean, there's been so many ups and downs in real estate. What With the pandemic and everything else. What can we expect in 2021? I'm a little nervous. Well, that's where this would really state has always got ups and downs. So it's there. Always cycles go on. Of course, this one is maybe artificially induced because of the pandemic. But it always goes up and down and the thing to remember for anybody in real estate over a period of time. It always goes up. Because it takes it also covers inflation and it and it has a tendency to go upto. The question is, Can you hold it really time to overcome a bad cycle? If you can. The answer is fine. Go do it. What you can expect in a safari. 2021 is concerned, and this year is I think there will be a substantial change in business in businesses and where investment should go. You're many businesses, which are up and coming will be very good as a result of what what is going on in Washington under the Biden administration, whereas there are other businesses which will suffer so oil and gas is probably gonna have a problem. But any of the ancillary businesses that are involved such as pharmaceuticals is gonna rise like crazy. They have to. Because there's everything is going on with the farmers with the drugs. The pharmaceuticals aren't they did her involved with covert and the the the fact that you need safe areas and you need cleaning and that kind of things. Those were all gonna go gonna go up. So, they wrote. It's a question of putting your money in the areas which I think we'll have. Both will have great growth and 2021. But overall, I think the market will be will be very strong because they're going to pump so much money in it. George Ross's sorry. Go ahead. My feeling, right? Yeah. I said they're gonna pump so much money and it is going to go somewhere. George Ross is with us stink on NewsRadio. 1000. Katie. Okay. He will be in the diva and friends, Virtual speakers, Syriza on Wednesday. The 17th will give you some instructions about how you can attend coming up. I'm no expert, George. But just in my casual observation For instance, I rent some property on a lake front on the way out to that lakefront. A year ago, there were three or four or five places that were for sale, and we're talking quarter million half million million dollar properties and they were swallowed up this time last year between February and May of last year, they were swallowed up in no time and I thought that remarkable considering the pandemic. Yep. I think you'll find him or I think the the desire of people to go toe areas which are not highly congested is a result of the pandemic. So I think you're gonna find more. That was a nice, elated place or maybe on a lake or something, which is not in the big city. I think that's what you're going to find, And I think that they will be very, very much in demand. There is plenty of money. There are people would say, Hey, I had enough of the Big city. Let me move somewhere where I can stretch out to go fishing but do whatever else it wants, but a quieter environment than what you would have in the hectic big cities. I think that's a change, which is taking place. And I think it Z going. It's certainly going to continue. I can say honestly, this point I lived on Ah, in Long Island on. I think the Big houses, which were available just are going like crazy. There is more of a market for everybody wants wants to go. They want to get out of the city. They want to go to an area so they pick an area which is not too far from the city, but also has a nice feeling about it. You know, like a comfortable neighborhood. I think that's what you find what I find here, and I think that that's prevalent throughout the United States. His name is George Ross, and he's going to be featured with the diva and friends virtual speaker Syriza on Wednesday. By the way, if you want to go you can and see him in person and ask questions from the financial wood from from Chapel would financial services and all you have to do to learn more is called 34809093480909 to see the apprentices George Ross on Wednesday from 3 32. 5 30. A curious thing has been happening here in Oklahoma and I don't know. If you've seen this nationwide, but there's a lot of property, especially in the eastern part of the state rural property that is being swallowed up by Chinese investors. For the purposes. I'm told of cultivating marijuana and canopy oil products. Makes sense to me A. Are they to your knowledge, producing this to send back to China? Or are they trying to capitalize on the American? I have no knowledge whatsoever Market in pot that I don't know participant and I don't have it, but as far as a investment is concerned Think any product and he said product, which which has grown in the United States, which has a market somewhere is a is an certainly something that's very desirable. I think you're going toe. There's gonna be a big need for for products. And they certainly think that maybe marijuana is the answer. I think it is too. It's being accepted in many, many states, so there is going to be a need for it and what better place to put it in somewhere? There's got a lot of open land so you don't have to hide it anymore. Now it's in it could be in the open. It totally visible. Well, some of these rural counties they're starting to see property values go up more than they expected. Yes, that's true. Yeah. George Ross is with us on he is, you know him on the Apprentice, but he is also an adviser. Could the economy grow while the market is declining? I mean, there's a lot of nervousness about what the Fed may do and what they mean. I don't I don't understand what you said. What are we talking about? Market is growing in the economy is declining. Economy is not really declining, artificially depressed. It is not declining. Another. Was it? Yeah, The answer is, yes, It's it's temporary and with assuming that they get some kind of Ah, hold on the cove it which it looks like They're going to get its going to rebound in Spain tremendous growth because he's been held back artificially. It's not the people don't have money. They have money and they will have even more with if the incentives goes grew from both from Washington, you're gonna have a lot of people are gonna have a lot of dollars they never had before. And that's going to go somewhere gonna be spent. Well, if it's going to be spent, where they spend it now, you've got to question that changing. They're going to spend it in in areas There's will improve the economy. So you did. I think there'll be a tremendous rebound. Slow as soon as this covered the situation that has some kind of resolution. And we've got an exclusive opportunity for you to hear from George Ross, World renowned real estate investor business coach, attorney author and star of the hit reality TV show..

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