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And so my dad and with my good friend roddy inexperienced marlin hunter found ourselves motoring out past the chalky crags of baja california's pacific coast three thousand miles and a world away from new jersey day on the first day of the threeday fishing trip out of the ghostly marina delone and into the cold air of the pacific with the ceremonial first beer a little later we drank a toast to my grandfather he gave us the brief across between a shark a unicorn and a free train marlins often way more than two hundred pounds though some monsters are much heavier and can swim as fast as a car majestically out of the water we're trying to throw a hook and they're neptune's on serial killers eating anything they can smack and stone that own hart bill they're also smart and worthy opponents that work hard to stay out of your boat thrashing in slicing at your with their bills even fouling your lines by swimming under the hall hauling one can take an hour sometimes much more focused work your job is to keep that rod bent really in the line when the fish will let you a few hours in we lucked out fish on my dad's slid into the fighting chair set the pole and start winding away at several points i jokingly offered to take a shift but he just growled and continued is determined struggle ultimately really in the nice one hundred and sixty pounds and almost seven feet long from the tip of the bills the fork and its tail we took out proof of triumph photos and released the fish to help keep the population healthy later we celebrated at a bar where i became acquainted with the awkward feeling of drinking with one's father while busty waitresses wearing poncho via style shot class bandoliers trot around pushing drinks i was ready to cook my own trophy but the second day was more like nature crews than a fishing expedition we saw dolphins and sea turtles and to whales surface together right in front of our our only fish on moment came and roddy hooked hump headed bottlegreen miami back to showroom went to eat are humbled delicious catch of the day our third and last day broke cold and overcast good fishing weather the hours ticked by with all of a.

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