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Com. All right. So that's what's coming up. I'm checking with NEC in a minute on the on the Mets just where they are week away from cutting their roster the Yankees, listen, I would not be overly worried about Severino Hicks, the Yankees have depth think they're going to be fine. Plus, they play a million games against the Orioles early. I would not really would not worry. Not going to be just fine. They're going to score a ton of runs, and I think we'll get off to a good start. I think it'd be fine. And he's just gonna play a lot early. And the wrong with that. Josh. New Jersey what's up, Josh? A mike. Happy birthday. Thank you. What's up? So question for you. I'm a die hard met fan. What hair? A first base rather have for now and the future. Would you rather have Domin expensive Peter Alonzo? Or would you rather have looked poised and Greg bird? That's not a bad question. Because the question is is here's the two questions is is void for real and is Alonzo for real. So the odds are you have as good a chance. I would say it's fifty fifty. I would say considering birds struggles. He was the one that you would have thought had the best upside of the four given his background with the Yankees. He was the best power hitter in their whole organization. That hasn't happened. The as a state healthy. You saw a great time from last year. He's got to prove he wasn't a one hit wonder the Mets have high a big plans for Lonzo. Smith is looking like he can be a major league. And now because he's really dedicated themselves in a lot of ways. So I'd say it's a toss up. I really would and your basic on how much Powell Alonzo's going to have the early jump would say early Yankees. What your base then on doing it last year? The question is can do that again. That's really the question. He was great last year. But is he going to be that way? Again, Scott and combeback was up Scott. I wanna talk about buffalo basketball. Go ahead. Just I find it. Very interesting. How Bobby Hurley started this whole thing with buffalo and getting into the tournament for the past five years. And now they have a chance to face them at Arizona state. Well, you know, listen the the tournament if you've gone back through the years the tournament has always. Always presented some some second round the Matic games. Well, I guess that'd be a first round. But yeah. Well, no, you know, what? I mean, they have to play in the win the game. You know what I mean? So. And a lot of times. Like, oh, if they get past the first round looks what's waiting Louisville Kentucky haven't played in ten years. They'd play each other. This. So that hasn't happened. And they'll do this look at Patino in the first round against Louisville. I mean, that's that's almost diabolical game. I'm when you think about it. I mean, his his father's having a blood feud with the school and now riches gotta go up against Louisville in the first round. And you know, Rick. I mean, you gotta figure Rick is in this week. I mean, I I would think considering it's his his old school and his son is coaching the other game. Plus he'd like more than anything in the world for his team is on the beat a team that basically throw them out. You know, and there's lawsuits and as bad blood and is everything else. So the league they have a habit of doing that stuff. They really add that they've always had a little bit of a habit of doing that stuff. Gain from Long Island, and I go to buffalo. It's nice play. Bobby earlier gets to play Saint John's, I've always been a fan of growing up my own life. And and and listen the bottom line is both below is the best team. I mean, I definitely yeah. I mean senior they've earned it. I mean, they've absolutely earned that there are a real team. I mean. Syracuse. Yeah. I mean, there are legitimate. Yeah. There were legitimate team. They've played well all year there succeed, they have depth. They have size. They have experienced there real team and takes them as not being a real team. And yeah, as you said, they have a history. So that works out from time to time Eric and Long Island. What's up, Eric, my Katie my Michigan questions finally mentioned the news last night? Just a bit of useless trivia that I've ST John's wins it'll be the first time in thirty plus or forty years two teams from New York state of what are the chances of that neither one Syracuse? And now he's singing one more time that two teams teams from New York state of in the NCAA tournament in Saint John's in thirty years. Neither one of them is Turkey William aligned same bottle would play each other. Yeah. I thought you were going to say just that tour any planes. I got it. I got it. I got it. I got I got. Syracuse. That's from my question is Michigan. I consider very lucky to be what I call the non ACC bracket. Right. That crack it. I don't think I I mean clearly clearly failed off after that. Great start. Absolutely. And I think I think actually was disappointing down the stretch. I'm surprised they got what was considered to be the highest Tuesday. Well, let's be honest. All right. Any way you slice it. Michigan state got screwed. I think Michigan to beat Michigan three times. Trailing by sixteen to come back. And and then place them in with Duke. I mean, you know, that you know, that is a went nuts. I mean, you can get. Michigan can go to the final four. I mean, let's be honest. They absolutely can first of all a great game big game coach. But the one thing I ever since ever since Matthew sprain an ankle. They haven't been the same team. You think the only reason they could advantage because there ain't Gonzaga's bracket in any of the other brackets? You wouldn't have I wouldn't say I wouldn't give them a chance. I just think this is the easiest one to do it. And I think that first of all I think the is by far the cream of the crop this year. I think the I think Duke has only lost once with Williamson in the lineup. As far as when their full strength. They lost one of the game. But they had injured players Carolina's now playing at the top of its game and playing as well as anybody in the country Virginia, I don't like as much as the other two. But I think they're better this year in that they're better able to score and better able to be a little more versatile on the offensive end than they've been where they they just always, you know, they're going to go on, you know, they're gonna rebound. You just don't know if they're going to school, and I just think it comes back to haunt them. But I think they're still solid. So I think that league is very very strong this year. And I think Michigan got a big break. I think that be line is as good as there is in tight games. He's as good as there is out of a time out, but he's got a limited offensive team. And that's you know, they usually an offensive team this year. They're defensive team. That is limited offensively and really has not been the same team since Matthew sprain. Ankle. And they've really been hurting. They really have Kevin in fresh meadows. What's up Kevin? Mike how you doing today? What's happening? Mike. My question to you is how can buffalo the better team than Saint John's? Alright you think there are any guys that turned down scholarship. It's not working. It's not what makes those teams abetted team. What is in this coaching? It's not just it's not. It's not a good coach, Mike. Yeah. But it's not just it's not just coaching. It's also player development, which falls on the coach. It's also roster depth. It's also the roster staying together. It's also having a team that's built up to a certain point. So hey, that's what happens. Listen, I agree with this. Saint John's has been at times, very disappointing. Buffalo has been far more consistent in Buffalo's about a team. I mean, I think you're agreeing. They are I think they clearly are we'll come to town fair tire studios..

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