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With the beautiful beaches and so forth and and I think that you still have to be out in the fresh air to gain immunity or to keep your community because if you stay inside the whole time you're to get sicker there are attitudes seem to be as long as you're hanging with your own family and not a bunch of strangers it's good for you and your sanity we'll see a police actually right any tickets at Dockweiler state beach John Baird can extend seventy newsradio as southern Californians head back to work some people might get the idea that we've beaten the virus it's really hard to stop viruses Dr Joseph Ladapo associate professor at UCLA's David Geffen school of medicine it's good to take precautions but it's also important to be realistic about the fact that you know that some people were going to test positive for Kobe and you need to prepare for that he says as places of business open back up people need to be extra vigilant on social distancing and face masks and keep in mind risk factors people who are younger you know really under fifty or so and healthy it's very very low risk but don't get the idea that corona viruses gone rob archer K. next in seventy newsradio complied with Stan homeowners as it held its annual Memorial Day commemoration ceremony it was no in person audience but the event was streamed online speech could still see the event stranger things actress and navy veteran Jennifer Marshall gave the keynote there are no words to adequately describe your sacrifice but we thank you from the bottom of your heart at the bottom of our hearts for your strength and resolve I wish you a safe and healthy Memorial Day weekend and for my brothers and sisters who have perished in service to this nation we miss you we remember you know and you are forever in our hearts Marshall says freedom is a magnificent right the comes a heart breaking cost during a Memorial Day mass in Culver city honoring military men and women who have died serving this country archbishop Jose Gomez also paid tribute to those who have died during the corona virus pandemic in remembering the nearly one hundred thousand people across the United States who have passed away from the virus archbishop Jose Gomez said each number represents a soul we know that too many of these beautiful souls have been forced to suffer and die alone isolated from the low ones so to then we leave them up to god he also said it makes sense as we recognize our fallen soldiers to recognize the heroes of this pandemic doctors and nurses.

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