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Historic clash the week <Speech_Male> before Canelo, <Speech_Male> then you're into May <Speech_Male> with Canelo and then you're <Speech_Male> into the summer <Speech_Male> with our broader <Speech_Male> roster than gears <Speech_Male> and the Diaz is <Speech_Male> in the Garcia's <Speech_Male> again. <Speech_Male> You're talking about <Speech_Male> a very, very strong <Speech_Male> 5 or 6 month <Speech_Male> play here. So <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> I'm going to take <Speech_Male> the opportunities <Speech_Male> to sleep and rest <Speech_Male> where I can. I don't think there's going to be <Speech_Male> much of that over the summer <Speech_Male> months. Well, Joe, <Speech_Male> I appreciate that <Speech_Male> out for me. Appreciate <Speech_Music_Male> it. Thanks, Chris. <Speech_Music_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> All right, time <Speech_Male> now for this week's <Speech_Male> picks brought to you <Speech_Male> by FanDuel <Speech_Male> if you have been betting <Speech_Male> with me <Speech_Male> since I <Speech_Male> started doing this in <Speech_Male> January, <Speech_Male> you have probably won <Speech_Male> a decent <Speech_Male> amount of money. Last <Speech_Male> week, I <Speech_Male> told you to take Josh <Speech_Male> Taylor by <Speech_Male> decision over <Speech_Male> Jack Cadillac. <Speech_Male> What happened? <Speech_Male> Josh Taylor <Speech_Male> won <Speech_Male> by decision. This <Speech_Male> week, I'm <Speech_Male> locked in <Speech_Male> on the José Ramírez <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Jose pedraza <Speech_Male> fight. That is Friday <Speech_Male> night <Speech_Male> in Fresno, <Speech_Male> California, <Speech_Male> 140 <Speech_Male> pound fight between <Speech_Male> Ramirez, a former <Speech_Male> champion at one <Speech_Male> 40 in pedraza, <Speech_Male> one of the more well-known <Speech_Male> names <Speech_Male> in multiple <Speech_Male> weight classes. So, <Silence> ordinarily, <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> I would lean heavily <Speech_Male> towards José <Speech_Male> Ramírez. But I <Speech_Male> have some questions here. <Speech_Male> Ramirez <Speech_Male> has not <Speech_Male> fought since <Speech_Male> May of <Speech_Male> 2021. Now pedraza <Speech_Male> last fought <Speech_Male> in June of <Speech_Male> 2021. So <Speech_Male> he has been <Speech_Male> just as inactive, <Speech_Male> but Ramirez's <Speech_Male> last fight was <Speech_Male> against Taylor. <Speech_Male> He lost a <Speech_Male> big fight, a <Speech_Male> undisputed <Speech_Male> championship fight. <Speech_Male> And I thought in that <Speech_Male> moment, <Speech_Male> that José Ramírez was <Speech_Male> a pretty big guy for a <Speech_Male> 140 pounds. <Speech_Male> Would take that <Speech_Male> opportunity <Speech_Male> to move up and wait. <Speech_Male> He decided to <Speech_Male> stay at one <Speech_Male> 40 and it's going to try to <Speech_Male> get one or <Speech_Male> more of his <Speech_Male> titles back. That <Speech_Male> worries me <Speech_Male> a little bit. Pedraza, <Speech_Male> he has been <Speech_Male> at a 140 <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> plus pounds <Speech_Male> for his <Speech_Male> last four fights. So I think <Speech_Male> he's more comfortable <Speech_Male> at <Speech_Male> this weight. And I think pedraza, <Speech_Male> who's <Speech_Male> losses have <Speech_Male> largely come <Speech_Male> at the highest level <Speech_Male> he was stopped <Speech_Male> by Giovanni Davis, <Speech_Male> he went the distance <Speech_Male> with Vasily lomachenko, <Speech_Male> and he lost. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> These are <Speech_Male> not bad losses. So <Speech_Male> I <Speech_Male> am going to take <Speech_Male> the underdog <Speech_Male> in this flight. <Speech_Male> That is Jose pedraza <Speech_Male> plus three <Speech_Male> 90 <Speech_Male> over at FanDuel <Speech_Male> right now. And I'm going to take <Speech_Male> him by <Speech_Male> decision, which is at <Speech_Male> plus 5 50. <Silence> Now, one other <Speech_Male> thing here, <Speech_Male> the location <Speech_Male> worries me as <Speech_Male> I make this bet. I <Speech_Male> agonized over this bet <Speech_Male> because of where <Speech_Male> this fight is. Fresno, <Speech_Male> California, <Speech_Male> the home <Speech_Male> region <Speech_Male> of José <Speech_Male> Ramírez. And we <Speech_Male> saw with <Speech_Male> Taylor against catarau <Speech_Male> in Glasgow, Taylor's <Speech_Male> backyard. <Speech_Male> That <Speech_Male> location matters, <Speech_Male> that beating a guy <Speech_Male> on his home <Speech_Male> turf is <Speech_Male> really difficult. But I think pedras <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> got one <Speech_Male> last <Speech_Male> signature <Speech_Male> performance <Speech_Male> in him and I am <Speech_Male> concerned <Speech_Male> about José Ramírez <Speech_Male> getting back down to <Speech_Male> one 40 <Speech_Male> to make the <Speech_Male> wait for <Speech_Male> this fight. So <Speech_Male> I'm going underdog <Speech_Male> here. Pedraza <Speech_Male> by decision <Speech_Male> over Ramirez, <Speech_Male> that's my picks, <Speech_Music_Male> brought to you <Speech_Male> by FanDuel. <Speech_Male> That's it for this <Speech_Male> week's episode. My <Speech_Male> thanks to Sergio Moro, <Speech_Male> Eddie Hearn <Speech_Male> and Joe markovsky <Speech_Male> who joined the show, <Speech_Male> as always, subscribe, <Speech_Male> rate, review <Speech_Male> this podcast on Apple <Speech_Male> podcasts, <Speech_Male> Spotify, wherever <Speech_Music_Male> you

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