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Errico from her deluxe release of le Grande affair the songs of Michelle Agron about two three years ago at this point she she released about fifteen songs on a desk that was just astounding just a beautiful mixes songs by Michelle Agron with Michelle Agron accompanying her throughout working with her on this CD and then just this year she has I think a brilliant idea of releasing the deluxe edition with the initial release along with a lot of bonus material on the second disc and this song starts off that second disc I haven't thought of this in quite awhile Melissa Errico she is such a joy we've had in studio a couple times and she's performed on stage for us during our live broadcasts more than a couple times again she is a delight so glad she released the CD just give us more and more music Melissa not Melissa Errico the ground affair the songs of Michelle legrand the deluxe edition I'm David Kenny and this is everything old is new again on WBA I in New York there's that is where I'm going to be on the other side of that ranges between fame and fortune in gonna put my shadow my vision and sign on the other and then is done a stint in my but learn and I for and then I while others thank you for this and I know it's my then I on the line in so my user and my.

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