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Because it was about slavery because listen. I think it's important that people know about slavery. Here's one thing. There's a reason that the jewish population teaches holocaust all of the time and they teach it all the time because it is important for young people to know what happened so that it does not happen again. We must move through the pain of the thing so that we know how to keep it from coming back so that we are clear on our history and so for people who did not live the history know what their lineage did and can teach themselves and their children to do different things and make different choices. We must tell the story of slavery. We must from a different angle okay. I think that it's important to talk about. Stop is important to talk about. The revolutions that happened on on plantations. It's important to tell the Not just tell the story of bondage but to tell the story of the breaking freeze to tell the story of the moore's to tell the story of the Sorry the can't remember shaking my head so hard for me to have this debate all the time i'm like it is in the more is not the board that i wanted to say but the What are they called the people in jamaica and in haiti who went off into the hills. And i can't think of the name of the word starts on the m can think of it right now but see. That's why you have to keep our. We need it but there were other angles to to enslavement into slavery. But also what we need to do like with jingle jangle is have stories in that time period where you see people who are not dealing with bondage because bondage was not what we sprang from bondage is not the only thing that happened to us so i am somebody who yes sometimes. I'm like oh god and slave story but only because it's coming from the same angle..

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