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A A group that most people believe is also being repressed. So it's a very complicated issue if you want to complicate it, but it's very simple if you want to simplify it. Either way, Sean Jackson has You know, acted in a manner unbecoming to his profession and his team and you know he could be as much as cut or as little as reprimanded. And I think to to to games is Proper punishment and you know, and I'm not talking about. You know, I'm not doing anything except punishment. He should be punished for what he said. And he should be educated, so he doesn't say it again. And he has a fuller and less hateful life. What's your take on that Steven Jackson's comments defending him. There is no defending him and Steven Jackson made it worse. The I believe this to be true, too. I think less Bohanon on your air last night, Rob Ellis said this about the same time if I'm not mistaken. Maybe a little earlier. I believe that Sean Jackson Believed that he wass Striking a blow for black lives matters. By posting what he posted. I don't agree with that, Uh, position. I don't believe with that. In that strategy. He's not striking, striking a blow against it, which is, you know, somewhat ironic. What Steven Jackson as well. Ah, very of retired NBA basketball player. He believes that he's doing the same thing. These are believes, as you remember, Caesar believes the held by Malcolm X, Loose Maricon and Mohammed Ali before he became a Sunni Arab league. So you know, this is this is entrenched. In some parts of black culture and in the black American experience. And one of the reasons you know you're not going to get a lot of blowback from athletes is because if you are unenlightened athlete who went to Stanford or somewhere like that, you know. So you say you're Ah, Richard Sherman. Okay, right. You got an uncle who might believe this? You don't have fanned, so you know it. I In my job. I believe it's important for me to address this, whether my uncle or cousin or whoever believes it or not, I'm willing to have their conversation of my uncle or cousin or not talk to him for the rest of my life, which you know That's that's how heated these debates can get. Maybe Richard Sherman isn't It's not a cure, but agrees with it. I just know he went to a really good school is really smart Guy and black. Marcellus Wiley had had had an opinion the other day. Also well educated. Family guy went to Columbia and then his comments publicly also, Ah, you know, kind of stirred things up a little bit. Ah, in its own way. I gotta ask you now that you're here, Howard Bryant, who? I must have been a friend of mine for years and assuming you know him well. Well, Howard wrote a piece on Bruce Maxwell. You familiar? Have you been able to read it yet? Jury? Bruce Maxwell, for those that don't know used to play for the Oakland A's was a catcher. And back in 2017 during the height of the Kaepernick, Ah, fewer Ah is the on ly baseball player to take a knee during the anthem and basically was shunned out of the game where to the point where he had become a full dissident? And living in Mexico. And now the very people that didn't back him up. Ah, and some of the G M's and people that that that threw shade on Bruce Maxwell when he took a stand, and he was the only one. You know he's watching. During the major league baseball draft. Some of these same people holding up signs that say black lives matter or, you know, where were they a couple of years ago when when he was out on an island by himself, May you know whether you agree or disagree is another story. But here's a guy that you know, it's almost like Curt Flood. Ah, you know, very similar situation to what Curt Flood went through many years ago in a in a, you know, for a different reason. But ah, similar anyway. Here's Maxwell very, very bitter now, even with some of his ex teammates that didn't come to his defense a couple of years ago. Well again. There's a couple of answers to that. And for people who don't know hurt floods. The reason we have free agency true and didn't benefit from this much of these, um So Number one, um, the play we're talking about. He was a good player, but you're in a great player. You know, he wasn't Colin Capper to Colin Kaepernick at one point was a great player. And look, it looked like he might have greatness left in him. Number one number two. I don't think that you or I or Howard believes that That the death of George Floyd enlightened White America. I think it might have awakened White America. To what America really is. And who America really is. What middle aged white Baseball executives are not all of a sudden concerned with black men being pulled over on the side of the road by door. Two state troopers and I'm not going to not to pick on Georgia could be Alabama state troopers, Pennsylvania state troopers. You get pulled over on a back road at midnight and you're a black guy. You just hope you survive it. Those guys don't care about that much more now than they did before they'll tell you they do. But I don't believe it. Maybe some of them do but not all of them. So you know the the change is happening and but it's not happening with those people. It's happening with their kids. What? Why? In baseball, Marcus? Why baseball players? I'm Adam Jones. I remember was the on ly one and maybe CC. Sabathia. But the vast majority of baseball players of color and in a game that's dominated by the Latino player who really just You know, I was happy to be here tries to not get involved in too much controversial. You know anything? Because I want to go home and be Rick. Yeah. Just want to go home and be rich. But but I was stunned the and maybe it's because I like what you say Maxwell is not a superstar was a good player, but was not a star player. But I was stunned that more people didn't back him up. With a right or wrong. I'm not sitting here advocating one way or the other. That's a whole other discussion. I'm just stunned that ah guys that now are speaking up and saying we should have you know the Cameron Maybin's of the World. Edwin Jackson's that are mentioned in this article. That are now regretting not coming, Tio. You know, to Bruce Maxwell side at that at that moment in time. Won't you? No, No, you're not. You've been in baseball clubhouses. It's run by the rednecks. It's run by old white money. That's what it is. That's what.

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