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And so it's just it's frustrating. We're also worried about what other people think that's the bigger issue. I think is that there's the quote that says you wouldn't worry so much about what other people think if you realize how little they think about you. Everyone thinks about themselves. They're not thinking about you. Right. But we worry about over to think of me to think of an idiot. Did they jerk? Yeah. Just they don't think anything about you. Right. It's more of people thinking thinking that way that people are thinking about them or is it. Are we that way? Because in the past people have said what they meant and people get offended like too, sensitive and take it personal. It's like, oh, you want me every back out. I was trying to help you like, geez. I'll just trying to be here and support you call me down. But you don't want me do at g okay, fine. You're bit right. You see your social media? Oh my gosh. I have the craziest juicier she's the worst. I mean, I don't think she has such. But I mean, again, I agree with you. I think that's the bigger issue about the fact that why do we care people think? But I do I mean you care just in therapy. The other day you wanted us to do a different to resolve an issue different. So that you didn't think our friends thought this way, you know, for sure so it's like we. So we care about what people think finger also depend do you ever have moments like in that situation where you're just in a move that. You don't care you'll say it. I don't think I could get myself there because I really as as frustrated as I was and annoyed. I just can't say it. I I I'm fearing my Pap smear and three months because. I don't want her touch me. I'm fine with the Pap smear. I don't want her rubbing my effing back. I'm I'll have my moments where outweigh but also have tons don't care at all today playing golf with Justin Garrett. There's like a seventy year old man in front of us that was taking time on T box. And finally, we need to hurry up to seventy dollars. Well, you're mean. So mean, so we have Patty Sanger or coming in millionaire matchmaker, and apparently she's a psychic now. So I'm Jay. Jill of all trades. Jack, jackets joking. We have to explain your jokes. I still don't get it. But that's fine. So oh my gosh. Moving on. Let's talk about sleep number shell. And how excited we are about the all the pillows. I mean. Okay. I truly I am excited because we do have a lack of pillows and certain other rooms many couples disagree when it comes to mattress fine, which thing seems like a small thing. But because number Jan, and I don't have to argue long discussions about this. Because she gets her firmer side, which he loves and I love soft cushy side of the mattress. So because of our sleep number where to adjust it to.

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