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Armstrong and getty show so trump gave an impromptu about twenty minute news conference early this morning on the other side of the world at the end of the nato summit and i just flip it on msnbc to see what they're talking about is going through my channels this morning and they were there their hair was on fire in the world's coming to an end and trump is a liar destroyed nato at that's what they're always saying generally but so then i just saw on cnn the secretary general of nato was the guy in charge and foreigner who said it was a very great summit we got some things out in the open that we needed to discuss and it was fantastic all right well that doesn't sound like a disaster from the guy from another country who runs nato right well it was funny trump had a gun to his head it doesn't quite sound like is being portrayed on the antitrump channel cnn was really trying to gin up the antitrump stuff to as usual and they were talking to a young woman whose name i don't recall but she was quite capable reporter and she said look the other leaders of nato they get trump more than they used to and they understand the public pronouncements and the bluster and then the private conversations and how those things square and how it i what comes out at the end you know what the machine finally spits out in terms of policy and she said the long and short of it is from all of our sources is it's definitely not ideal the way he handles things but there's no irreparable damage being done and the poor host on cnn was really unhappy with that not by darin damme we've talked to a number of people that trump behind closed doors is pretty remember we talked to that one woman who used to work for him and said behind closed doors e runs a meeting and it's it's pretty good normal and he talks normal and everything like i wonder if all these people once they sit down and meet with say this is weird he's a completely different person right now that i've seen on television and then you start to figure out okay it's a tv show right which is strange on its own thing but anyway i didn't i didn't hear somebody talking about how he had told his staff before inauguration that we got treat everyday like reality show and how so many so many of these events it looks like that's what he's doing you know he set up the good guys and villains yesterday with these giant pronouncements and then he comes out at the end of it and says everything is fantastic i mean it is like a reality show you have to set up the conflict explain who's the good guy in the bad guy and all that sort of stuff and at the end everybody comes together and his happy what an odd way to run a superpower yeah yeah well we'll have to see how it goes first freedomloving quoted today passed on by in from tijuana and he points out it is somewhat ironic that it's from woodrow wilson who believed in expanding the the government's power and he was a progressive in the true sense meaning founding member of the beach boys correct woodrow wilson woodrow woody wilson drummer he and and and wilson is one of those people who believe the government can be whatever the majority says it can be the constitution ought to shut up andy was a pumpkin idiot he was a very learned man and yet an idiot anyway liberty is never come from government liberty has always come from the subjects under it well let's use that word but the history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power not the increase of it well when you're right you're right even if you're wilson of the beach let's go sipping now is learning how good stuff he wrote that one come on league of nations with me kabul stations skier beach boys slash woodrow wilson joke somebody enjoyed shirley michael did here's here's a nice contribution from steve and beautiful san jose dear jj after listening to and enjoying your show for years i'd like to here's a shower thought you'd never gonna listen again no east five usually those end with and i'm never listening when people talk about traveling into.

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