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You know what i mean yeah it gets a little talented messerschmitt where he so let's house business what's life like the two of you is is i'm being of course it is it's owner is it's new and its new for me new for him but we absolutely love it you know the first thing i thought oh i think we're okay varli the first thing that i thought of when i thought of us here in talking to him and insurance agent was the flooding that took place here and what did that impact you lobster absolutely and made hit liberty go and there's the lake any hard and affected as in customers terribly down and so then you and then you're you're solving problems in writing checks or getting checks to be speed absolutely and trying to clean on our own because we had over a fit of water in our own personal basement here's what people are saying get out here i've got water my basement you say we need honor why that effects henrik said okay and some people are like panicking and he's on the phone with them and he says i know what you're going through i have as much water as you do and i'm going to get you fix before i that say me absolutely which is that good that sounds like a commercial but if it once you really happen transfer the as low labour and then decide bother an agent because do you lose money as a local agency when your clients are file named allstate it's fantastic about giving aid has the opportunity because we know that those things will happen so there there's things that are put aside to kind of help agents with that so no we personally aren't affected as as much as you will they have catastrohpic is costing you money or your personal business money than maybe it's harder to uh uh the money along hit you have that dynamic said act that way well that.

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