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I'm like yeah. What's your schedule next week? He's like well. I work Monday Tuesday. Here's a Wednesday and Friday and I was like wait what I'm off like. Almost the Arthur large extra week for us I gotTa look at my calendar pretty bad work from home days and author world. The world works on Christmas Eve. Cafe Maple so the problem in sales to trying to get your contracts in before the end of the year like if you're China Chase someone down in there on the holidays first of all tough chase down second off. You're probably just going to you know that sales coming in his. If it's a decent incised deal you're not looking for like one approval. You might be trying to track down like six different checkoffs. I guess we are moving forward with these people so to factor that in. It's just not going to happen. So riveting Steph so yeah sales reps we'll be chasing signatures going through the end of December but very cool stuff Talking about I've got has withdrawn from the President's Cup do injury. I think a lot of people saw this coming. He slipped on like some concrete car. pather whatever when he was I believe in Korea Korea so soft to say all the time. It's just a tough injury. Well he had come back from an injury right then he re tweaked flipped on concrete. Always it makes me Giggle a little bit not me on concrete. I mean to wear cleats. You'd be kind of the reasoning. Is I know it could get guys on like NFL. Who elect would run through like an and hit the concrete part around like the field and like Mesh it up to? I'm just saying it's like off injury. It's like you slipped on some concrete. I don't think it'd be like that at all I do fall. No I'm not saying well people falling pretty damn funny. It's hysterical people coming out of the ocean when the Clip No. I'm not saying I would have laughed at Brooks kept going fell. But there's a decent chance because it's like people fall on ice. That's another thing we're going to miss him one trillion walking around New York City. You just see people fall on ice. That's just funny funny. And then when obviously obviously comes back around and I'm GONNA fall probably a bunch but when you see people fall fall. Last year I fell on ice in but I mean. There's that little gap when you walk off the sidewalk that collects water right. There were times when you're like jaywalking. sprinting across the street or whatever you start to wiggle a little bit. I lost my complete complete balanced. One time he came out under the and landed on my back all years ahead man you got to be a scene. Cracked the ice cracked cement. The subway holtzman his. It's been a few years like like like Lurch said since I fell like feet out from under me and like hit my head but always have a few stumbles during the season. Yeah Codeword I stumble more going upstairs. I'm very bad at going upstairs stairs. I always clip my foot on top of one of the last stairs all time. Nice not related. Nope you catch yourself. But I don't go fully down but I do that quite a bit but I don't fall on ice. I don't know who you guys are on. I'll tell you where humans I think it's it's you know it's pretty common to fall on ice ground becomes much slippery. That's their see people. Fallen is all time. Uh No but that's sort of it's sort of like Ooh it's an event when it happens you're out you're going to miss out on that. I know two weeks. We're GONNA be in Australia. We got a lot to get to Australia. I want to talk. Around the Brooks Capco thing really quickly rickie Fowler is in Brick Scott Boras out. You know kids. We obviously tried to make some pushes for kids Whole bit on our show a couple of shows ago about kids I think fifteen four and two career match play record? He won the WGC DEL match. Play this year in Austin after losing in the finals last year to Bubba Watson so clearly he's a bit of a bulldog out there in the In the match play circuit he played in the president's up to two years ago and was phenomenal. He's out there with Phil. They're shaken a bacon. He's boys everybody got the most votes as like the top guy. You want to be paired with randomly out on the PGA tour. Because he's a guy's guy they love him he's tight with everyone on the team. You would think Kevin Kisner would have gotten a pick. He drives the ball straight. He putted great. These are huge qualities and team events because they become about staying in the whole making. Sure you have looks birdie especially in like four ball where you got two guys trying to you know make pots alternate shy. GotTa make a big ten footer for par to keep the thing going. He's very good at that but I will say kids been kind of playing like shit lately. He over in China His last round. I think like Patrick reach out like sixty five in kid. Shot like seventy six and then a couple of days later. They picked like captain's picks for the President's Cup and it was like twenty to take and then now They take ricky over him. Kiss as we mentioned. Think finished tied for like seventy six this past weekend Mike Kolba. So I think he'd he'd be playing lights out. Had He had a couple top twenty top tens in the last few events that he'd been out combined or the other things we listed. I think he'd be a very. Are you good shot. We're having gotten one of the you know. Five captains picks that there ended up being but But no he did not get it. Ricky Fowler is in so so that's the squat Nokia's his bummer. Sad will be down there. I don't know how much access we're going to have We're GONNA try to get as much as we can try to mix it up with the players will be around around. The President's Cup will be in Melbourne will be You know we'll be all over. We're going to be doing a lot of different things in Australia. That's the next part of the trip that I wanted to get to our next part of the show that I wanted to get to. Who is Australia now? I WE'RE GONNA be there for about two weeks. I spoke to my brother yesterday and he was going on and on about how dangerous it is. He's like no. It's like everything there could kill you. It's like you don't I don't think you guys understand that I was like well. What do you mean? He's like well the snakes he's like there's just more. Venomous is dangerous snakes in Australia than anywhere else in the world. If we don't have a great track record of avoiding those don't have the North Carolina trip we don't have a very good rate. In general for Weber wanted one area where they could be he said sharks There's great white sharks all over the place. There's Bull Sharks Qilya Saltwater Crocodile. They're the biggest and most aggressive in the entire world. spiders enters the spiders there. I guess are like extremely dangerous. They're extremely large line. Like I might hate spiders more than I hate snakes six and then absolutely and then one of the other concerns the Scorpions apparently few like leave your shoes out at night You gotta you gotTa empty those things before you put them on the next morning because they'll be a scorpion in your shoe waiting for your little foot to go in there. I heard that that's a protest. Although so I started doing insane upon learning to my apartment After having this conversation on my walk oh my brother is just was googling a google dangerous. Australia and the first result was Australia's infamous for its dangerous animals with more deadly snakes than any other country worldwide. It isn't surprising though sharks spiders and snakes get the majority of bad press it is actually an awesome array of predators and venomous critters. That have earned Australia. It's fearsome reputation so then I was looking at like this list of top thirty most dangerous animals. Australia says the inland type TAPAN is unbelievably elusive. It says It's usually in remote locations. This role location is one reason. There have been no recorded deaths by this species. Thank God even. The one byte contains enough venom to kill several human percent. Chance is that one has us make a a run in with an animal that you know it gets a little touch and go. Though there was a four higher than you are foreplay kaffa kangaroo urges attacking a foursome on the golf course. And then this one on the bottom it says rigs you will definitely see a ton of Kangaroos. Australia just looked it up there. Twenty five million people in Australia. Uh and fifty million hangers Shit is double. The amount of kanger is and people to to one. People say they're like squirrels there. Yes to like you're going to see a kangaroo. There's there's just like squirrels. You're going to see them running around all over the place. The last two times we've talked about Kangaroos on the show one. The guy got into a boxing Hudson and the second one was just talking about was the the one who ran up on a force of guy tried to sway his golf club and he went down. Do they regularly attend boxing events. Like how do they not square up to people someone. Dm Me that like usually like the female ones will agitated and run after you and then if like the male lazy large kangaroo like notices this is that the females like in an altercation he will like join in and it's good night then then it's over you're GonNa get stopped to get the size difference or males can be murdered by kangaroo if they if they want to what I will say it'd be great for content if we got attacked by kangaroo yet we just have to be ready for that to happen like it'll be funny afterwards but we might have to come with some sort of plan some sort of like formation that we get into and it's like hey it's kangaroo time there's one one run down the fairway right now. I'm just saying we will. Large male kangaroo can be six foot seven tall blue six seven when you're walking talking to you six seven arms bouncing actress Shelia boxing the belly and it's like not even noticing. Say This I don't have to be faster than the kangaroo as you got to be faster than the three of you clowns. That's all I'm pretty. How fast you think it? Kangaroo can run on know how fast you can run twenty eight miles an hour forty miles per hour forty four miles an hour. I mean why Frankie Trent comfortable down. The comfortable hopping speed is sixteen miles an hour comfortable. That's like full speed. Forty four miles. An hour can be attained by over short distances. Forty four should we measure our top. Stay they can go down. The tank can sustain a twenty five mile an hour hop in run for one point. Two Miles we're fucked dead. I mean he's going to catch beat beat the and then and then once he gets on me. He's going to have enough time. You gotta be a plan. You're getting attacked like I don't know somebody come in with the tackle detailed take picture kicks. Kicks Could Punch. I'm not that worried about the character for the hands and then would come. The Red Kangaroo from Australia lightning-fast double kick that can tear you open from sternum to the top of legs. What they.

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