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Love courage truth. Glenn beck. I am thrilled to have an introduce you to Helen pluck rose. She is the editor in chief of aero magazine. She has written an article that I want to go through with her. But I also want to point out that if you follow the news a couple of weeks ago, I think it was of these three scientists that came out and tried to publish papers that were complete nonsense of the dog of the I think it was the rape culture in dog parks on dogs and one of the, you know, responses before they published it was they did they get permission from the dogs. They were they were afraid that maybe they were violated a little he's crazy. What happened? They they published one article that was they just took a chapter of mine comp. And I think changed it. What did they change it to studio? Remember? White people are feminine. I remember Helen will remember it's a pretty remarkable will hopefully chat with her about that just a little bit. Helen pluck rose joins the program now. Hello helen. How are you? I'm very well. Thank you. You bet. Now, you're in you're in London now. Okay. First of all, thanks for coming on the program. I wanna talk to you about your essay, how French intellectuals ruined the west post modernism and its impact explained. I read the article and let let's just say my audience is very smart. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. So pretend you're talking to somebody that doesn't doesn't really know much about this because you are talking to that person. And I'm trying to understand it. But Postmodernism itself just doesn't make sense at all to me. And so I wanna make sure that that I have it right in the audience understands it because I think it is the disease that is it's the cancer for the western world. Is it not? Well, I don't think it's the only that. I think it's a problem. That's coming up in how we understand knowledge on how we on the left. And I think that's CD into a a rise on the other side of an increase in in nationalism and anti intellectualism in a kind of reversion to some type in a post which never existed. But yes, it is. It is a significant problem which has affected how we do. Our? We decide what is true. And and how we is late and right and people standing in society, right? And so this is the source of gender fluidity. And and really intersection all of this stuff that we're hearing that most people wake up every day, and they're like, okay. What term do I have to learn today? What can I say? What can I say? This is the source of that. Would you agree with that? I would. Yes. Into sexuality is explicitly. Defined by its founder contemporary politics applied to pay theory. Okay. So let's start at the beginning of post modernism is it related at all to the Dada movement that grew out of the first World War where where they were trying to make a point of nothing really has any meaning. And then that kind of just went awry is is is any of the routes in that movement at all. Yes. It's its antecedents, which I don't go into in huge detail because they'd just say varied, but it comes out of a lot of counter enlightenment philosophy. It comes out says and absurdist. Kind of coming together as of an artistic and philosophical movement and the autistic side of it is actually really fun. We we don't have to worry about son. Modernism in. It's when it being applied to society. I'm we're starting to understand society. As completely be constructed in systems of power and knowledge is constructed of this power that it comes from language that language is dangerous because it constructs reality. That's that's sort of the key ideas, which around the lying, the problem that with that we're seeing now now you say that it doesn't have a that. It's not saying worrisome arts, but I would consider literature art as well. And this is this is now how we are being taught that we have to read literature that we read it through the lens of oppression white male European oppression. Even if the even if the author is a no, no that's not what the story is about. That's not the author is not even the the last word on this. It is the the post modernists they can take and read that text any way they want correct. Absolutely. Yes. I mean, I think that there's a slight confusion because of that approach is part of the coach will go problem. But. But look how would be a very different thing. It would be something that has no clear that didn't has an ending that there's one which which is just the beginning of a lot of stories which which doesn't add up. So said that is a style that is almost completely separate from. Okay. Marley. Stick thing. All right. So you're saying as an artist you could create something that has no meaning, but it is only when it's used as a critique. That it starts to get into trouble. Okay. Wonderful very fun. Modern but they're not too cold. So then not the same purpose? Great. Okay. So tell me how it where it grew. And how it grabbed us by the throat or a university systems. The of the original smugness. Oh, just a a small group is very very prolific rights is in the late sixties, including. Atop exact very doll. And particularly show because and they can't get the all from different disciplines at the same time with the same message that they were disillusioned with the Muslim period, they were disillusioned with Marxism, and they would disillusioned with religion. And institutions, and they they thought that these were. They were big comfortable understanding the things that just fooling apart. This. This comes off the walls of the four them, Playa oldies were crumbling and. Shifted to Detroit. Instead all the things that we saw were true actually, true the pace of those who took this to a new philosophical level since he said, no. The reality is not something we find it's something that we make. And we make it in the suburbs of power. So it is powerful groups which has decided for us. What is true? And these are understood to be what heterosexual rich men, and this should be it should be. The first post one not. They didn't have a particular political goal. They were suddenly leftist, but they want they would they would generally quite aimless. They wanted to sort of pull things apart showed problems with it. It wasn't until the late eighteenth early nineties when a loss of feminists and quick police series six at trysted taking everything about these is all good, and well, yes, we need to be constructing. Yes, we need to see that everything is socially constructed. But we have to have some kind of reality. If we're going to attract anything, we cannot play pool address a sexism against women. We agree that women are certain things that experience that things is that in times and places. So there was a change hit to bring back some kind of objective reality, and that was systems of privilege and power that could then be analyzed. But very subjectively from the perspective of experience and we'd see assumption. That we are always looking at a power imbalance in any interaction between different groups. Okay. So let me let me let me go back. And because I think people might be thinking why are we talking about Postmodernism? How does it relate to my life? This. I believe is critical in two if you don't understand this, or at least have a basic handle on it. You don't know what you're fighting. You don't know. What's really happening? You don't know. Who's behind a lot of this? Or what the theories are behind it? So let me let me first say Postmodernism, the modern world is the world that was created that chased out the dark ages. It was the it's the world created by the enlightenment of of science and reason and period empirical evidence, and in even I mean when you hear people say mathematics is racist. This is because we're there trying to deconstruct anything that holds the modern world together. Is that correct? Yes. So that they they think that it has been constructed. I'm family that a lot of points has been left out and relate somehow to knowledge is I think he has a problem with the idea that then irrational, and I'm impera cool. Knowledge is is that the property of women or? And the white people say that that is that is how it works. Okay. I'm gonna take you before we move forward. I wanna take you back. One more step. I'm going to take a break. And then we come back. I'd like you to help me on this. Because it's my understanding that dare Don Fulco came over to the United States that this was really kind of shaped in frustration from the nineteen sixty eight Paris riots, and in frustration that they're not gonna be able to take this whole thing down unless they take it all down. They gotta take all the systems down. They're not gonna win through culture. And that it was that it was actually much more strategic in its. Planting of a virus? If you will. And I'd love to hear your take on that. If that's true or not when we come back where with Helen pluck.

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