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Morningstar newsradio levin twenty eight dollars every morning i come to work i look forward to here for every morning because i never know how you're going to have seen listeners chan i'm not even one is even know really what holloway in look i come through i was going to be there i hope you are news radio w answers sir jio i had a stack of mainstream news articles here where the left is celebrating the shooting of congressman steve scalise who was the numbers her republican in the house good friend of trump and the guy that was really pushing hard for america and the restoration of our republic and the word is for my sources and it's also in the news is that this was coordinated this was a plan they use the wind up toy basic leftist bernie sanders mental patient communist to do this and i mean just this we can and also the comments what their guns with their fingers on the triggers threatening everybody i mean they are getting ready to make their move just like our next guest matt bracken former navy seal while terrorism expert and of course bestselling author to me breaking down but tab shot congress representatives steve's police was actively seeking to stop pedophilia he had come out said human trafficking as easy as ordering a pizza that's cudmore does leading us now he knows it's over ten thousand arrests the data files several thousand that had kids in cages hundreds nla 100meter hundreds of san francisco as a any major city hundreds you've got the poll play pin thing with a hundred fifty thousand pedophile others a civil war inside the fbi because the fbi has actually trying to do something about it this is how they control people this is a deep state operation so we now have to leash and we learn leaks she goes coming out saying we're going after the pedal files then this happens here's the club what of america's greatest.

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