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And. It depends on the ball that if it's disliked. Department specialising whiskey. It's. A k. you join ice with that you should join Johnson Kaik with that whereas if I was a guy, you wouldn't be asked that question. It's happened quite a lot an often even at whiskey is I presented it whisky shows hosted quite stands and. The guys will come up to the stand off the speak to a one of my male colleagues despite the fact I, you know I was the editor of whiskey publication and my colleagues understand where. My colleagues and Yet, they would. I would cost me to speak somebody else because as in there is I didn't know anything. What is it Joanna Boat whiskey that has made it such a male dominated field and that would allow for that language to still be pervasive mean. Yes. Sexism exists throughout society But in this field, what is it that that you know people have believed would would keep an as such a male dominated field. I think it's just an outdated view based on nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies marketing to be quite honest the reality is you know in in my lifetime in North America I can't speak for everywhere else but in in Canada specifically, forty percent of Whiskey drinkers, females to tending festivals, and that's WHO's drinking whiskey. And you know we're not. We're not necessarily interested in having whiskies marketed to us. We just want it to be gender neutral so I should have the ability to walk up to a stand. As easily as you would matt and after a whiskey without having, you know the with the rhetoric that exactly what Becky said are you sure this is what you want. You didn't want like a Pinochle water did you want some ice and Matt or? and I think another thing that needs to change to be quite honest is. It needs to be marketed. differently. So the whisky industry has a responsibility to start marketing whiskey as gender neutral or that it's for everyone it's not just for men and that's how I feel about you talk about Marketing Walker released. A. Jane Walker Label is there anything I mean aside from the name? Is there anything different in the bottle Joanne between Johnny? Walker and Jane Walker? You know and I believe I could be wrong on this but I believe it was actually slightly more expensive than the regular Johnny Walker which for me. It's just another form of sexism. So it you know I. It didn't I didn't I refused even drink it to be quite honest but that's again a personal choice I just I have a staunch stand on those types of things becky have you seen the industry change and it's not just in in light of your post but. Things change over time. Have you seen the industry change and change the language, but also try to be more inclusive? Oh absolutely in the whiskey industry as far as I've nine it since I've been working in Whiskey for ten years I, is it stemming cle-? Says the same many different people in NASA friendly it. So welcoming the industry itself is a I've never experienced sexism from within the industry. This is..

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