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Jose ramirez it. To as way i felt last night watching a reds jose ramirez two run homer in rbi triple indians dumped the reds nine. Three and a makeup game for may ninth. Wilson ramose also edited a two run homer. Cleveland retains the ohio cup There's a bigger trophy later on in the season. Sure and snap the reds five game win streak. Neither one of them are going to get out of the waste gas. Theo is rock for eight runs and only three and a third innings that kinda like dream week reds kick off a three game series tonight against the braves in a l. a. atlanta to you From one racist organizations. Whoa wait a minute sake. It easy sick sunny gray up against drew smiley seven twenty seven twenty tonight tonight word More must be talking to the grand canyon jagna and the central last night milwaukee and chicago rain down. And so the brewers are glenn twin bill today at wrigley. Field your five and a half back. In milwaukee wildcard sandiego beat miami eight three reds down three and a half the padres field of dreams game thursday. That looks cool out the middle of iowa the yankees white sox most expensive regular season tickets on record right now toward the average price is fourteen hundred dollars tickets going as high as four thousand dollars on on saying yeah. Bengals are back at training camp way workouts today at two forty five bengals elizabeth blackburn says. The tae the club is going to shoot off fireworks. After every bengals touchdown this year. Cool so three fireworks. This season chris rude about to say we don't need that. No pulo positively in his show every so often. It's why i'm here. Dick yetlis inherit a balanced things out. I know novak djokovic has withdrawn from the upcoming western southern open says he needs more time to recover from the tokyo winner as in the summer. Games don't we all racing news one of the greatest voices in motor sports broadcasting lost. Thank you bob. Jenkins have veteran radio. Tv and former voice at indianapolis five hundred and voice of nascar on espn. For over twenty years passed away a brain cancer. He was seventy three yards is the worst way to go. Let me brain cancer. That's gotta be horrible. Well actually i don't know of any cancer. That's say we're going to say. What do you mean. that's gotta be horrible. Of course it's horrible. I know well actually. Maybe if you think about it. You don't even know what's happening. You know what. I mean now. I don't have like you should go get it and tell me what it's likely who did you hear that. That's sexy thank you Boy that guy. That's eight mark gumri here. Okay boy the new budweiser commercial would up. Yeah lionel messi have been here for fc cincinnati. Of course he could beth. What about you always dream meet. What are you talking to be positive. Earn forty he's gonna earn up to forty one million dollars per season none playing playing for his the team in paris We want what i'm saying. Jagged messy about seventeen bottles of champagne. I honor boogie boogie. Woogie i'm saying. Thank you to andy colored from electric and if you go to wbz dot com. They bring light to fuse for the western and southern wbz fires could sign up coming up in a few weeks. Yeah how about. That's right around the corner come down for that. Why not yeah going to be. They're not gonna come down will there's such a liar. Wow dan of positively this morning. Take tuesday off with you guys from now on. Let's get better attitude and a positive outlook on things that gave no the reds. Yeah i was watching that last last night. I was at buffalo wild wings watching that. And i said okay cool. They're doing all right. I get the highlights on twitter. When i was live tweeting about the bachelorette put me in a bad. What do you mean are you upset. That blake Down here getting married. yeah can you. Can you tell it in my voice thank you. oh lord. Mainly she shouldn't have picked blake. Thank so who do you. Who do you think she should've picked out. I'm not either watch ninety day fiance. That's good stuff right. Why are you upset. Sake like his. He's so pissed off right. I don't know what those shows are ninety story about people chasing love across the globe. Yeah getting married with a ninety day. Yeah pb helmet ahead. What what we're going to the post. I know you have to post time. You still time tells you jerk offs you guys are. That's it home it ahead. Cbs five three eight one. Three seven nine seven nine. Those are the magical numbers that get you on the radio okay. It's real simple. And then you come on with us. Okay and anybody can get a guy that is a Drunk drifter heared cincinnati. Knows are special numbers. Yeah right off to be. Lean thousands and thousands of voicemail jeff. I'm going to ask you to stop doing that by the way. I'm sorry i get lonely. I call up. I mean the messages like a three minute time limit. And i'll get up in the morning and come into work and they'll be like twelve messages all the way up to three minutes. I just delete them jeff. I don't listen to him all right. I don't but i just. I just linked someone. No nobody listening. I was wondering. Can i build a motorcycle. No yes and drive it out there on w. by the way jeff it's w. e. e. n. Twenty said keep leaving jeff mentally rim dollar jeff. I was so excited thinking that you were going to come out on saturday when we were at fountain square getting ready for the western southern wgn fireworks and didn't show up you know. Why didn't you up. He told me get out there. Why can't they man. I told you that.

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