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With time the suspect produced a handgun and began firing his weapon at the two adult male victims. The suspect got away and the men were taken to the hospital in critical condition in west Alice, Clayton Neville, KLIF new city of Bedford looking to grow. Mayor Jim Griffin says a mixed use development is in the works by city hall that will have shopping dining and entertainment, residential perspective. I mean, those folks are continuing tell us that they would like to see something in a form of a destination for some things. But I think that makes us development we'll get direct. He also says they will be completely redoing premier park by adding a new recreation facility and amenities. He hopes it can start with construction this summer cat. Zaire KLIF news. Fort Worth Sundance square has been named among the top ten best public spaces located in the heart of American cities designation by congress of by congress for the new urbanism. All right. This is not the US congress. Excuse me. I'm confused the lowest straighten it up the designation by the congress for the new urbanism said they picked it because it's a prime example of renaissance in the building of civic spaces. Sundance square was installed back in twenty thirteen at that time, the area was decaying full of urban blight. The award is considered the crowning achievement of walkable urban ISM in downtown Fort Worth city of plano. Now, collecting taxes on those who rent out property, as Airbnb Steve solar with the city says the contract, they signed this month is simple entering agreement.

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