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Halo I. Can I do for you this morning? Give me the longest blackest cigar. You have starting on vacation in January and said you in. The family laughed at eight o'clock this morning. We haven't lived yet gene. I've never seen anything like it. Just try to get four. People in two babies started on a trip. No obviously Mississippi and I plan to vacation one year. We're going to leave one Friday morning real Friday morning. Bright and early. I was sitting in the car waiting for Mississippi get started before noon and sat in trying to ten o'clock clock will. That's not so bad Saturday night can't happen to me. Pd because so loaded down. There isn't even room for me to sit. Yeah I don't know how we'RE GONNA do it. Guy Just isn't big enough. I need to rush. It must have you ever thought of taking family up to the lake and ships shift. You mean peewee. Sister had lied family and when they travel from one place to another and husband takes him sections he remembers one car load and and comes back for another. That's an idea makes a lot and driving but I guess when a man has a big family he likes to keep moving you by George. Pd Hit something. I'll take part of the family up to the lake. Then come back and pick the rest that solves the problem and hanging happy. I in fact I feel so good. I won't need the man and Medicaid along K no problem with child euro fine fellow. Pd certainly telling you guys see you later. Having Nice Agent.

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