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How about Devon White Louisiana Kid 11 tackles in the ballgame today, the interception you talked about also at the fumble recovery earlier, he was just all over the field. You know, he was itching to get back out there. He was activated off the covert list. On Monday and coming back here to his home state man. He could not have been better in this game today, both against the run and the pass. We talked about all week during the Game against the Washington football team. He sat and watched it and made the calls out, he said. I got mental reps because he was out covert couldn't be around the team. Brewster has talked about. He had fresh legs came back, flying around and practice all week, and it translated to the game today. He by far was the best player on the field. The Bucks were on defense. By the way you mentioned no catches in the game for Michael Thomas today, first time in his career. He has never had a catch. Regular season post season zero catches for Michael Thomas today against that Buck's defense, So we look ahead. Now the championship games are set. Kansas City in Buffalo on the A F. C side, Tampa Bay and Green Bay on the NFC side. Let's start in the A F. C. You'll be there next week. Obviously, the big question. Will Patrick Mahomes play after leaving today's game with a concussion? You got the young quarterbacks in the emcee and the old guys in the NFC. It's funny how that works out. You're right. Ryan. It's all about Patrick Holmes that health, he went out with a concussion. Could not return. So The biggest news story every day will be in Kansas City and really all around the NFL is gonna be. What is the status of Pat Mahomes if Patrick Holmes can not play You know Chad Henny did a good job coming in, but they're not the same passion homes makes throws. No one else can. In this league. He's athletic. He's mobile. He could make all kinds of things happen. And so that's gonna be a big story line All week. Buffalo bills or it's been a long time. I mean, most people a lot of our football fans, right won't even can remember Born. You know the bills in the nineties behind Jim Callie and Thurman Thomas and Andre Re. Bruce Smith and those great Buffalo teams that went to four straight Super Bowls. Never got over the hump. Never won one when I got A whole new crew led by that young gun slinger in Josh Allen. Stefan digs big trade in the offseason. They're powerful. They're explosive on offense. It's gonna be a heck of a match up, you know? As a fan and someone called the game. I am hoping Patrick Holmes complain because Mahomes Alan Match up to higher powered offense is that all you'll be sitting there going, what defense and just make a play? Just get a stopper, too. That could be the difference. It could be a fabulous matchup, all right. Meanwhile, Tampa Bay Green Bay they met earlier this season back in week six in Tampa. Bucks dominated that game 38 to 10. Aaron Rodgers had one of the worst games of his career through a pick six. Another pick that was returned out of the water two yard line. They turn that Into its ups down. Aaron Rodgers even said after yesterday's.

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