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Movie going on shutting down Balbo and Jackson between Michigan and Columbus. Until the next hour head to Duncan for a welcome taste of normal where they are happy to do what they can to keep you running to wherever it is. You need to be. They've been open and will remain open with a coffee. You like the way you like it. America runs on Dunkin Hombre you show with traffic is Steve Harvey. Morning Show on B one or three. Good morning, DeAndre Houston, Carson made a game sealing interception at the Bear's held on to defeat the Panthers. 23 16 in Charlotte, Bearscoach Mad Maggie says he's not going to let the struggles on offense takeaway from their success. Gotta just keep working. The good thing is is that we're five and one, and when we do get this thing clicking, it's gonna be a lot of fun. We just were doing enough right now to get the winds and I refuse to take away the excitement that we has a team right now in the locker room. Nick Foles through for a touchdown, a word for another as the Bears improved to five and one moving into first place, an NFC North rookie tight end Cole commit holding his first touchdown catch of his career in the first quarter. The Bears visit the Rams a week from today. This news report and sponsored by Amtrak. Take your personal space to go with Amtrak's private room meant spacious eating by day converts to comfortable sleeping accommodations by night, with access to a private restroom and shower in your car, a dedicated sleeping car attendant and complimentary dining. Learn more at Amtrak dot com. Chicago weather Mostly cloudy skies High 49. That's what's happening. I am Perry Williams back with another update in 30 minutes on the Steve Harvey Morning.

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