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Since I read my first time on novel the age of six was rocket ship Galileo and bad hook me and I found out people actually had landed on the moon and that really they're not gonNA and then spatial one happen. And that that's it. Now now, we're back to the future now because now people are building their own stuff like Paulo, meet people think only the government can do this. was before that was there. That was what happened and before that everyone is GonNa be aviation industry. We're going to have small operators people in their horizons building stuff is you know like aviation took off that way shooters or named on the blame that Apollo happened everyone said Oh okay. This has to be a big government spending mega billions and stuff. But then spaceship won them all wrong again, I don't know you know we can do this. We can do garage. Since it does work we can put people in the space. Space space x started out and Tom Mueller's garage probably feels that story to the guy who became a propulsion chief of spacex his guys this guy you know he's the building is is a field. Fueled Rasi. Wanted Guys Alabama. Garage is one of those guys. Those Tim. pickens working spaceship. Spaceship one, propulsed cheap. But yeah the the smart entrepreneurs like Ilan Mazda town, they know that some of the best ideas come from unlikely places. So they went shopping. To through the Underground the rocket underground and they found the Tom Miller pickens and. Johnny as a fine people that. Can Add to. His genius but a lot of it you know he's he's set his head engineer. You know he's you know it's nice to have a gazillion dollars and be able to design it. Yourself give you that NAPA CAD and I'm on it. You know. And then he was doing to the iron man three. D. Hand operated connect kind of watch how I design a turbo. One this is awesome and what one thing I like about this there is not a single step that has been missed by the public. If you want it, they got video livestream them building this stuff. It's awesome. It's amazing. Every single lunch they livestream even now it's over one hundred launches. Now, every single one, we still live streaming commentators people explaining what's happening because they want to get people involved in.

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