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He can't understand him she read them right. I mean as a matter of my work. But they're hilariously opaque. I can't remember the band but some band put and our viewers will know In their contract that you must furnish the band with only blue eminem's only did that because they wanted proof. Yes somebody read their contract through so Yet so i think i think what's interesting here is we. We are we really are at the precipice of this industry in terms of its growth. We we've seen the you know over the last five years since we've been really involved with boys and enlarged our conference And conference series and we will be getting back to live events next year. We're looking forward to that but I do believe that much of the conversation and a lot of these patents have been applied for Well in advance of them actually being used but a law the technologies that this industry has been working on and the the talented people are kind of across the spectrum from conversational designers to developers to You know others technology leaders. We are gonna see kind of an explosion here of use cases We're used to the idea of an assistant at our home. We're used to. The idea of an assistant found her phone. We're used to the idea of an assistant in our cars. But i think we're just about on this precipice. I would love to get you to comment on that joe and get your sense of you know be i feel like your book is is just at you. Know is letting people know what's coming using use cases that are actual. But where do you think we are in terms of like the evolution voice in our in our daily lives. I agree with people who say that voice is going to be the main communicative mode that people have with their devices We're still in an era where people are used to thumb touching their phones and typing things of that sort. But i think give the next generation of bit of a chance. Everyone's going to use voice. I it's going to be a combination of voice maybe with with a a cameras and facial but voice is going to be the dominant way in which people communicate to devices. It makes sense. Yeah i mean and as artificial intelligence grows of natural language processing is growing by leaps and bounds between today about new stuff that google has a touting its incredible yeah the announcements in their keynote actually with regards to some new. Their lambda and machine learning driven Capabilities can now have a conversation with the planet pluto. It is it. Yeah it's it's an time. I think that if you look at some of the acquisitions as well you know the nuance. Acquisition by microsoft. Certainly i mean they're they're their largest acquisitions since lincoln surprised me. It's it makes sense when you think about it because nuance really be to be right. And so is microsoft nowadays..

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