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Practitioners. Election 2022 now an allegations this morning of election meddling in the Maryland governor's race. All they care about is their own political power. With the Maryland primary less than three weeks away, Republican candidate for governor Kelly Schultz says the democratic governors association is interfering by spending more than a $1 million for TV ads that support a Republican rival Dan Cox. She says the group thinks that Cox will be easier for the eventual democratic nominee to defeat. They think that you can be manipulated and fooled. Cox called the claims a distraction. He's endorsed by former president Donald Trump while Schultz is backed by governor Larry Hogan. Nick illegally news. The fairfax county public school system has a new superintendent today. Michelle Reid was sworn in at the county school board meeting last night. She replaces Scott bray brand who is superintendent since 2017. Learning happens best in community. And this is an amazing community. It's a community that drew me because of the strength of the partnerships. The spirit, the passion, the resources of time and talent. And the deep and I think unusual care, this community has for its young people. Retiring does come with controversy, though, some of the students and community organizations held protest about what they said was a lack of input in the decision earlier this year to hire her. Some of the board members question whether Reid has the experience to handle the size and diversity of the largest school district in Virginia. And one of the largest school districts in America. Coming up a deadly police involved shooting at a local mall, 7 O 7. Are you thinking about refinancing your home to get cash out for a renovation

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